Viptamin Alpha Lipoic Acid

The Superhero among antioxidants

You can read the following about alpha lipoic acid on the package inserts of leading drug producers:

“What is alpha lipoic acid and what is it used for?

Alpha lipoic acid is a substance that is created in the metabolism of higher forms of life, which influences certain metabolic processes in the body. In addition, alpha lipoic acid has antioxidative properties that protect the nerve cell from reactive degradation products.“

That’s correct – but it’s also far too little. Because alpha lipoic acid is far more than just a substance. Alpha lipoic acid is a Superhero!

  1. Alpha lipoic acid has been used therapeutically for more than 50 years. In the old days it was mainly used in Germany to treat mushroom poisoning. Over time, science has discovered an increasing number of options to use this multitalented drug effectively.
  2. Alpha lipoic acid has a broad spectrum effect encountered nowhere else, which distinguishes it from many other antioxidants and makes it so uniquely healthy.
  3. Alpha lipoic acid has many beneficial properties: +++ ultra-potent antioxidant +++ Recycling of other antioxidants +++ Coenzyme +++ Detoxifier for heavy metal poisoning.
  4. Repairs radiation damage. The greatly reduced glutathione rate in the case of radiation damage can be easily increased again by using alpha lipoic acid. Research by Dr Lester Packer has provided scientific proof that by taking alpha lipoic acid the survival rate of radiation-damaged mice can be raised from 35 to over 90 per cent.
  5. The American scientist Dr Lester Packer, who has been studying the function and significance of antioxidants for decades and has greatly encouraged and advanced research into alpha lipoic acid, describes alpha lipoic acid as “the ideal antioxidant” (Packer et al. 1994, Packer et al. 1996 and Packer and Colman 2000).

Alpha lipoic acid stands out from all other antioxidants

Nature provides us with hundreds of antioxidants that protect us from free radicals. Each one of these antioxidants has its own particular strengths. Some antioxidants are fat-soluble and others water-soluble. Some have small molecules, some have large molecules.
Alpha lipoic acid is different. Alpha lipoic acid is water and fat-soluble. What’s more, while other antioxidants do not reach every part of the body due to their size, alpha lipoic acid can even penetrate the membrane of the cell nucleus and cross the blood-brain barrier.

Alpha lipoic acid can recycle other antioxidants

In a nutshell, alpha lipoic acid breathes new life into the vitamins you have consumed.

In lab tests it has been proven that falling vitamin C and glutathione rates can be prevented by taking alpha lipoic acid.

Protection against cataracts

Experimental studies of human eye lenses have shown that harmful glycoproteins are partly responsible for the formation of cataracts. In 2000 Dr Lester Packer was able to demonstrate in rats that alpha lipoic acid keeps the harmful glycoproteins in check and therefore protects against cataracts.

Prevents skin ageing

One look at the skin is enough to tell you whether someone is young or old, is worn out or has remained youthful and whether someone is exhausted, tense or relaxed. It’s even said that someone has either a healthy or unhealthy skin colour.

In his bestseller “The Wrinkle Cure” the American dermatologist Dr Nicholas Perricone revealed the causes of skin ageing and gives some interesting advice on skin care. And the most important role here is played by alpha lipoic acid.

Dr Perricone says the following about alpha lipoic acid:

It is perfect for people who are susceptible to allergic reactions that are triggered by other skin care products. It improves the skin’s general appearance but the best uses for it are to treat the following problems:
Lines and wrinkles, Bags under the eyes and puffy skin, Enlarged skin pores and Dull and sallow skin.

The list of alpha lipoic acid’s beneficial effects doesn’t end there:

For example, there are …

  • Findings on alpha lipoic acid’s cardiovascular and cerebral protection
  • Findings on alpha lipoic acid’s protection for smokers
  • Findings on alpha lipoic acid’s protection from glycoproteins
  • Findings on alpha lipoic acid’s gene protection
  • Findings on alpha lipoic acid’s antiviral properties

What makes Viptamin’s Alpha Lipoic Acid
so valuable:

  • Viptamin’s Alpha Lipoic Acid is of orthomolecular quality. We use the R form, which is 100% natural and endogenous. This has significantly better bioavailability compared with the synthetic S form. Which means you can absorb more of it. In most products you’ll find a mixture of the R and S form. Viptamin’s Alpha Lipoic Acid is 100% the natural R form.
  • Viptamin’s Alpha Lipoic Acid is a super-antioxidant in the highest concentration and the highest purity, which is the only one capable of unleashing its effect in the water as well as fat-soluble part of each cell.
  • It protects and detoxifies the whole body by bonding with harmful toxins and heavy metals so these can be reduced.
  • What is particularly beneficial is Viptamin’s Alpha Lipoic Acid’s regulation of blood sugar levels as it moves glucose faster from the blood into the cells.
  • Viptamin’s Alpha Lipoic Acid protects other antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, glutathione and coenzyme Q10 from disintegrating and thus recycles them to be used by the body again.
  • Viptamin’s Alpha Lipoic Acid is 100% natural, which means it has no sugar or artificial sweeteners, no emulsifiers, preservatives or additives, it is free of lactose and gluten and has not been tested on animals. A single capsule of Viptamin’s Alpha Lipoic Acid contains 350mg of pure lipoic acid, which is the highest dosage available. Remember, only high-dose alpha lipoic acid is of orthomolecular quality and thus provides complete health benefits.

Viptamin’s Alpha Lipoic Acid – the superstar among health care products. For people today.

If you want to maintain your health in a natural way, Viptamin’s Alpha Lipojc Acid is the perfect solution for sustained good health into old age and for lifelong vitality.

Viptamin’s Alpha Lipoic Acid – your superhero helper will have you bursting with health.

Why not see for yourself. Order this superhero health package, which naturopath Daniel Albisser-Meister has developed for you. Viptamin Alpha Lipoic Acid is your superhero helper to improve your health, which naturopath Daniel Albisser-Meister has developed for you. Alpha Lipoic Acid is your healthy superhero helper for lifelong vitality.
Money back guarantee. If you ever have reason to be dissatisfied with Viptamin Alpha Lipoic Acid, simply call us or send a brief email and we’ll give you your money back. No ifs and buts and up to three months after your purchase!

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