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How to get your energy levels up to speed: from now on full of life and vitality! Instead of tired and sluggish

Protein – the most important energy fuel

Protein is the most important nutrient in your diet. Only if you eat sufficient quantities of protein will you feel active, energetic and full of vitality.

If your body isn’t getting enough essential protein, you’ll immediately feel the deficiency symptoms. You’ll feel tired and sluggish.

Protein consists of amino acids: All the proteins in your body are composed of amino acids. These amino acids are the most important building blocks of life. In the human body there are 20 protein-forming amino acids. Amino acids are the smallest protein components.

Why protein deficiency makes you feel sluggish

A lack of protein often affects vegans, people on diets and people with food allergies or metabolic disorders. If you suffer from a lack of protein, your body doesn’t absorb enough amino acids in your diet, so not enough protein can be produced.

But if your body is not getting enough amino acids, it falls back on its own reserves. It takes the substances it needs from the protein already stored, such as from your hair, your skin and your muscles.

The visible consequences of protein deficiency: Thinning hair, the formation of deep wrinkles and muscle wasting may therefore also indicate a lack of amino acids and protein. Further possible symptoms of protein deficiency are:

  • Mood disorders
  • Tiredness
  • Burn-out syndrome
  • Sleep disorders
  • Metabolic diseases or
  • Increasing frequency of infections

Caution – protein deficiency in people over 50

People over 50 often complain of amino acid deficiency. Less appetite and problems with chewing or digestion cause the body to be poorly provided with nutrients. As your metabolism slows down as you age, you no longer need as much energy either. But your need for amino acids and other vital nutrients is not reduced.

Protein for toned muscles and youthful elasticity

If you exercise your muscles, you ensure that more protein is stored in them. Your muscles grow. The protein you require for this is nothing other than amino acids. If you want to build up muscles, you should make sure your body has enough amino acids available to do the muscle building. Amino acids could be described as the prime source of supply for your muscles.

It makes sense to add amino acids as building material to build muscles straight after strenuous exercise. Amino acids are already available to your muscles for muscle building shortly after you take them.

The beneficial effects of amino acids: Amino acids are needed not only for muscle building. Amino acids are also required for many other processes in the body. If you use amino acids, you’ll notice that…

  • You’re less exhausted after a workout
  • You recover more rapidly
  • Your muscles are less susceptible to injury, as your entire muscular system stabilises faster
  • Your susceptibility to infection decreases
  • Your entire muscle-building programme will continue with fewer interruptions due to illness

Huge differences in quality – not all proteins are the same!

Milk and soy protein is better than wheat protein

Pay good attention to the quality of your protein because there are different types. Not all proteins are the same – its composition has to be right. You need the amino acids in the proper orthomolecular proportion.

Protein building blocks that are put together based on orthomolecular principles – such as Viptamin Protein Plus – are much easier for the body to absorb and process. The sources of these building blocks are also important. Considered especially high quality sources are whey, milk and soy protein.

No point in overdoing it. An athlete who weighs 80 kilograms needs about 100 grams of protein a day. If you’re doing intensive exercise, you should take about 1.2 grams of protein for each kilo of body weight every day. Your food will provide some of this, while you can add the rest conveniently and effectively with Viptamin Protein Plus. Please note that more protein won’t produce more muscle but will be excreted unused.

Beware the risks of cheap proteins: Some cheap proteins contain hormones and/or drugs. Unfortunately these cheap proteins are becoming increasingly popular among athletes.

Scrupulous producers tout these contaminated cheap proteins as performance-enhancing agents – and in some gyms these ticking time bombs are traded under the table.

The risks here are of increased blood pressure and acne. In extreme cases these cheap proteins laced with hormones and/or drugs can destroy your heart and liver.

Keep away from them!

An end to being tired and sluggish – Viptamin Protein Plus gets your energy levels up to speed!

Viptamin Protein Plus is the ideal protein for building your muscles and a perfectly defined body.

Viptamin Protein Plus…

  • Is a milk protein isolate made from certified organic skimmed milk, which combines the benefits of casein and whey protein.
  • Contains two high quality proteins , which complement each other perfectly in terms of their effects and produce excellent amino acid readings as a result.
  • Are rich in glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine , the raw materials for glutathione – the most powerful free radical scavenger in your body.
  • Provides you with all the amino acids your body needs every day in unprecedented bio-available quality and purity.
  • Has a high level of BCAA , the three amino acids crucial for muscle building – leucine, isoleucine and valine.
  • Tastes wonderfully airy like a foamy cream and is quick to prepare.
  • Contains no additives or sugar.

Compare: Some manufacturers pride themselves that their protein has an “excellent biological value of 101 as one of the most popular protein supplements in athletic sports”.

The biological value of Viptamin Protein Plus is 130 (one hundred and thirty)!

The higher the biological value the protein source is, the more your system can build up the body’s own protein from the amino acids.

Major improvements for Viptamin Protein’s formula:

  • Bio Protein Plus contains two complementary proteins. Its whey protein is available to your muscles very rapidly in the morning or after a workout. Casein ensures long-lasting vitality and vigour throughout the day.
  • We have increased the amount of BCAA once again. A daily portion of Viptamin Protein Plus now contains more than two grams of the three amino acids that are essential for muscle building – leucine, isoleucine and valine.

Viptamin Protein Plus stops the energy deficiency

  • NB: Only if our energy levels are perfectly adjusted can our body function properly.
  • NB: If our energy levels fall below 80% of the norm, we feel tired.
  • NB: If our energy levels fall below 50%, we’re vulnerable.
  • NB: If our energy levels fall below 30% for a prolonged period, the situation is very critical.
  • NB: Any levels under 10% are seriously threatening.
  • NB: Many of our organs function with too little or too much energy. Too little energy weakens our organs, while too much energy can also be harmful.

Viptamin Protein Plus: 100 per cent healthy and natural

Viptamin Protein Plus is 100% natural, which means no sugar or artificial sweeteners, no emulsifiers, preservatives or additives; it’s gluten-free, low in lactose and has not been tested on animals.

Viptamin Protein Plus – the energy supplement for people today

For people who want to increase their vigour and their vitality or who are focused on building muscle, Viptamin Protein Plus may be the perfect solution for greater resilience and sustained vitality. But why not see for yourself.

Viptamin Protein Plus potentiates your strength

Unleash new strength and vitality with Viptamin Protein Plus. Provide your body’s cells with high quality essential amino acids. Guaranteed without chemicals – and your body will be bursting with vitality, energy and strength.

  • 100% sustainability
  • 100% quality
  • 100% value
  • 100% healthy and natural

Viptamin Protein Plus for added capacity and strength

Viptamin Protein Plus allows your body to draw new strength from essential amino acids. Experience yourself how your strength and vitality grow day after day when you take Viptamin Protein Plus.

  • NB: If you’re suffering from protein deficiency, you’ll notice it immediately – you feel tired and sluggish.
  • But: If you provide your body with essential amino acids in orthomolecular quality, your body will be bursting with strength and vitality.

Viptamin Protein Plus is your source of healthy strength that comes from the inside. You shouldn’t be satisfied with anything less – as your body knows the difference.

Viptamin Protein Plus: buy now with a money back guarantee

Of course you can also get all the essential protein you need in the food you eat. If you eat 12 eggs every day (costing approx. 25-30 cents each), you’ll have covered your complete daily requirement of protein. But ask yourself this: do you really want to eat 12 eggs every day?

Viptamin Protein Plus: your natural energy fuel? for only €1.42 a day!

Why not see for yourself. Order your energy dispenser, which naturopath Daniel Albisser-Meister has developed for you. Viptamin Protein Plus is your source of youthful vitality and strength – with high quality essential amino acids in orthomolecular quality.

Money back guarantee: If you ever have reason to be dissatisfied with Viptamin Protein Plus, simply call us or send a brief email – and we’ll give you your money back. No ifs and buts and up to three months after your purchase.

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