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The decisive factor is formulation and dosage

For our alpha lipoic acid we use 100% of the natural, endogenous R form - with 350 mg per capsule. You shouldn't settle for anything less.

Please compare prices and quality when buying lipoic acid. Specifically compare how much lipoic acid you are actually getting per capsule and if it is 100% the natural form. If the mold isn't on the package, it's probably the cheaper, artificial mold.

We can't be the cheapest with this quality. This is not compatible with our demand for the highest quality raw materials. We want to be able to offer top quality at a good price.
Advantages of lipoic acid

Natural alpha lipoic acid

Suffices 30 days
available immediately
Only 1,49€ per day
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Why a subscription? Stronger effect thanks to long-term use.
Free from mirocrystalline cellulose No additives 100 % vegan
100 % natural Body R Shape
100 capsules, enough for 33 days

Consumption recommendation

Take 1 capsule 3 times daily directly before meals with plenty of water (at least 0.2 litres).


3 capsules contain
R-Alpha Lipoic Acid1050mg (100% natural)
Ingredients: R Lipoic Acid, Purified Water, Cellulose, Rice Flour.
Recommended intake: 3 capsules units per pack
3 capsules contain: R-alpha lipoic acid 1050 mg
Content: 100 capsules

since 2011

Buying alpha lipoic acid - what you should know

Nature provides us with hundreds of antioxidants. Each of these antioxidants has its own special properties. Some antioxidants are fat soluble, others are water soluble. Some have small molecules, some have large molecules.

Alpha lipoic acid is both water-soluble and fat-soluble – and even more: While other antioxidants cannot reach every place in the body due to their size, alpha lipoic acid can penetrate the membrane of the cell nucleus and cross the blood-brain barrier – and thus reach the brain.

Alpha lipoic acid has been used for over 50 years. Over time, science discovered more and more possibilities for their use.

Customers report that you lose weight easier with lipoic acid, whether there is an explanation for this. This observation is currently under investigation. The scientific community currently has 2 hypotheses: Lipoic acid can activate a certain enzyme called AMP-activated protein kinase enzyme. This accelerates the fat metabolism.
On the other hand, lipoic acid increases insulin sensitivity, which makes itself felt through less intense hunger pangs, especially for sugary foods.

Alpha lipoic acid in its completely natural form.
You shouldn't settle for anything less.
Studies on the benefits of lipoic acid

Studies on the benefits of alpha lipoic acid

Similar to glass bottles, which can be used multiple times if cleaned and reprocessed cleanly, lipoic acid can recycle spent vitamins.

Scientific studies have investigated whether lipoic acid can be successful in the issues you see in this picture. We cite studies below the image that have concluded that it can help with these problems. We do not want to leave unmentioned that there are also other studies. In medicine, practically nothing is ever clear-cut, because the interactions are far too complex to be able to trace effects back to one point.

Please make up your own mind and form your own opinion. There are over 152 scientific studies on lipoic acid that can be viewed online at the US National Library of Medicine here. You can also find the studies mentioned below there.

Proof of studies

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  4. Lovell MA et al. Protection against amyloid beta peptide and iron/hydrogen peroxide toxicity by alpha lipoic acid. J. Alzheimer Dis. 2003;5(3):229-39

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What must be considered when taking lipoic acid:

Always take lipoic acid with plenty of water. In individual cases, heartburn can occur if too little is drunk.
Urine may also take on an unfamiliar odor. But this is not a sign of disease.

If you are taking any other medications, note:

Do not take calcium-, iron- or magnesium-containing agents (e.g. Viptamin Complete Forte) at the same time as alpha lipoic acid. The minerals can bind the agent and hinder its action.

As a diabetic, be sure to take note:
If you are managing your diabetes with Insul. or tablets for diabetes, you should monitor your blood glucose closely at the start of therapy. Otherwise, hypoglycemia may occur.
This makes itself felt through dizziness, headaches, increased sweating and visual disturbances. So you need to check your blood glucose levels more often than usual, especially at the beginning of treatment.

Blood sugar lowering agents: here lipoic acid may have an enhanced effect.
In cancer treatment with Cispl. you should not take alpha lipoic acid at the same time. The anticancer drug may otherwise become ineffective.

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