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The new Komplett Forte is here: discover the 2024 formula now

Komplett Forte 2024er Formel

The new Komplett Forte is here!

As you may know, we continue to develop our Komplett Forte every year.

Now the time has come. Formula 2024 is available now.

Proven and optimized in a new look

All in all, the Complete Forte is still exactly the product you know: Quality, price and quantity remain the same.

Better taste

We tinkered around a lot. Now the Forte 2024 tastes more neutral, less intense than the 2023 formula. After testing it, our customer service manager said that he had never tasted a version as good as this one.

Iodine from organic kelp

Forte 2024 now contains organic iodine from organic kelp. The organic kelp has better bioavailability than the potassium iodide used last year. The quantity has also been adjusted so that our Forte is now also tolerated by people with Hashimoto’s.

What iodine can do: If you feel restless or listless, it could be because of your thyroid gland. It is one of our energy centers. With its thyroid hormones, it regulates every cell. Iodine is the central building block for this.

Iodine also affects the intelligence of the unborn child. Children who experienced iodine deficiency during pregnancy have, on average, a 10-point lower intelligence quotient. These are results from over 68 studies. Children who grow poorly, remain too small, are sluggish and unfocused, or learn poorly often have an iodine deficiency or suffer undetected from hypothyroidism.

New measuring spoon

We have finally found a measuring spoon that you can fill to the top. This then corresponds exactly to the amount taken per day. The new measuring spoon is in the bag.

Robust bag

In the past, bags have occasionally been torn during transportation. We have reacted and adapted the bags to the ever-increasing loads during shipping. For ecological reasons, we opted for a stronger bag instead of more filling material.

viptamin komplett forte

Convince yourself

We are excited about the new formula of our Viptamin Complete Forte. Its optimized taste and now even better vital substance profile make it the best Komplett Forte we have ever offered. Its new, colorful packaging expresses what has always made it so special: the best raw materials we can get. 

We would be pleased if you would try the improved Complete Forte. And as always, we look forward to your suggestions, as work on the 2025 formula is of course already in full swing.

Strengthen the immune system

immunsystem stärken

Strengthen the immune system with viptamine: Customer experience and scientific principles

The immune system is our first line of defense against pathogens and plays a crucial role in our general well-being. A strong immune defense can help to ward off infections and maintain health. Many of our customers have experienced positive effects on their immune system by taking Viptamin products. In this article we would like to share the experiences of our customers and explain the science behind the ingredients in our products.


Our customers often report a noticeable strengthening of their immune system after regularly taking our multivitamin products. Here is some of the most common feedback we have received:

  • Fewer infections: Many customers report that they suffer less frequently from colds and other infectious diseases since taking Viptamin. Especially during the cold season, they feel more resistant and less susceptible to pathogens.
  • Faster recovery: If an infection does occur, our customers often experience a faster recovery. You feel stronger and recover more quickly from illnesses.
  • General well-being: A strong immune system also contributes to a general sense of well-being. Customers report more energy and an improved quality of life.

These positive effects are not just subjective perceptions, but can also be explained scientifically. The key role here is played by the high-quality ingredients contained in our products.

The science behind the ingredients


Our multivitamin products are carefully formulated to provide optimal support for the immune system. Here are some of the most important ingredients and their scientifically proven effects:

  1. Vitamin D3: This vitamin is crucial for immune function. It activates the T cells, which play a central role in the defense against pathogens. Studies have shown that a lack of vitamin D3 is associated with an increased risk of respiratory tract infections.

  2. Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects the immune cells from oxidative stress. The special fat-soluble form ascorbyl palmitate can even reach the brain and develop its protective functions there.

  3. Zinc: This trace element is essential for the normal development and function of immune cells. It supports the production and activity of white blood cells, which fight infections. Zinc deficiency can lead to a weakened immune response.

  4. Probiotics: A healthy intestinal flora is an important component of a strong immune system. Probiotics promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut and can thus strengthen the immune system. Studies show that probiotics can reduce the frequency and severity of upper respiratory tract infections.

  5. Turmeric: This spice contains the active ingredient curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Curcumin can modulate the immune system and strengthen the body’s defenses.

Strengthen the immune system

Application and dosage

Our multivitamin products are designed so that they can be easily integrated into everyday life. We recommend taking one scoop of the powder daily, dissolved in water, milk or another liquid of your choice. Regular intake over a longer period of time is crucial to achieve the best results. Customers report that they notice a significant improvement in their immune function after a few months of continuous intake.

Long-term advantages

The long-term use of our products not only offers short-term benefits in the defense against infections, but also contributes to general health. A strong immune system is the basis for a healthy life. You can improve your health in the long term and prevent illnesses by continuously supplying yourself with important vital substances.

Quality and purity

The quality of our products is particularly important to us. We rely on high-quality, natural ingredients and do not use artificial additives, sweeteners or genetic engineering. Our products are manufactured under strict Swiss quality standards to ensure that you receive only the best.


The positive feedback from our customers and the scientific findings on the ingredients of our products clearly show that a regular intake of viptamine multivitamins can strengthen the immune system. A strong immune system is not only important for warding off infections, but also contributes significantly to general well-being and quality of life.

If you would also like to benefit from the advantages of a strong immune system, try our products and experience for yourself how Viptamin can support your health.

For more information and testimonials, please visit our website. Here you will find detailed descriptions of our products and can see the quality and effectiveness for yourself. Stay healthy and strong with Viptamin!

D-A-CH reference values for nutrient intake; data for adults, according to DGE e. V.;

Complete forte

The better choice

As you can see: Multivitamins can do a lot of good for your body. Especially if you combine it intelligently and ensure that it is absorbed by the body.

The good news is that taking Forte with is completely sufficient, as studies show.

Taking a high-quality, high-dose multivitamin ensures that. We recommend our Viptamin Komplett Forte, because it provides your body with 57 vital substances everything it needs.

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Ihr Mehr-Wert mit Viptamin Komplett Forte

Wir haben nachgerechnet: Wenn Sie alle in Viptamin Komplett Forte enthaltenen Vitalstoffe einzeln bei Amazon kaufen würden, dann müssten Sie fast doppelt so viel zahlen.
Inhaltsstoff Menge pro 22g-Messlöffel Preis bei Amazon
Bio Reisprotein 8g 0,216 €
Vitamin A Palmitat 900 μg 0,809 €
Thiamin 40 mg 0,149 €
Vitamin B2 50 mg 0,028 €
Niacin 77 mg 0,027 €
Vitamin B6 15 mg 0,019 €
Folsäure 800 μg 0,033 €
Vitamin B12 250 μg 0,019 €
Biotin 340 μg 0,015 €
Pantothensäure 50 mg 0,015 €
Vitamin C (basisch) 800 mg 0,611 €
Vitamin D3(100% vegan) 50 μg 0,021 €
Vitamin E (100% natürlich) 134 mg 0,073 €
Vitamin K1 100 μg 0,090 €
Vitamin K2 (MK7 aus nat. Natto) 100 μg 0,027 €
Magnesium 418 mg 0,108 €
Kalzium 335 mg 0,018 €
Kalium 400 mg 0,325 €
Zink 20 mg 0,177 €
Mangan 2 mg 0,032 €
Selen 200 μg 0,087 €
Kupfer 1 mg 0,050 €
Chrom 80 μg 0,058 €
Methylsulfonylmethan (MSM) 500 mg 0,661 €
Lutein 20 mg 0,311 €
Acerola Kirschen natürlicher Extrakt 50 mg 0,012 €
Acai Beeren natürlicher Extrakt 50 mg 0,006 €
Aronia Beeren 50 mg 0,002 €
Cranberry Früchte 50 mg 0,006 €
Rote Bete biologisch 2600 mg 0,233 €
Brokkoli biologisch 500 mg 0,016 €
Kohl biologisch 500 mg 0,133 €
Kurkuma 800 mg 0,019 €
Sägepalm Extrakt 50 mg 0,014 €
Ginkgo Extrakt 50 mg 0,019 €
Grüntee Extrakt 45% ECGG 50 mg 0,011 €
Zitrus Bioflavonoide 70 mg 0,013 €
Quercetin 50 mg 0,028 €
Hesperidin 15 mg 0,020 €
Rutin 10 mg 0,004 €
OPC aus Traubenkernextrakt (95%) 50 mg 0,013 €
Resveratrol 50% 10 mg 0,014 €
Lycopin aus Tomaten 20 mg 0,432 €
Astaxanthin Komplex 3 mg 0,125 €
Tocotrienol Komplex 20 mg 0,141 €
Acidophilus, Thermophilus, Bifidus, Bulgaricus 250 mg 0,111 €
Cholin 10 mg 0,003 €
Beta Glucan 200 mg 0,089 €
GESAMT Kosten pro Tag: 2,82€

Kosten pro Tag: 5,44 €