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The benefits of protein are underestimated - Part 1

Protein is the most underrated nutrient in our diet. It gives strength, energy and vitality. We should always ensure a sufficient supply, otherwise deficiency symptoms occur, such as fatigue and physical weakness. Our immune system is figuratively about 2 kilos of protein distributed in the body. Find out why its benefits are so great and what you can do to benefit from it here  .

What is protein and what makes it?

Protein is composed of amino acids, of which there are a total of 20 different ones. 8 of them have to be taken in through food, because our organism cannot produce them itself.

Vegans, dieters, the elderly and people with allergies or metabolic disorders are often affected by protein deficiency The body then uses its own reserves from skin, hair, muscles and bones.

This can go on for years without symptoms, but not in the long run. At some point, the deficiency becomes noticeable through thinning hair, severe wrinkling and muscle atrophy, as well as:

People over 50 often have less appetite, problems with chewing or digestion. At the same time, the metabolism slows down. They use less energy and consequently absorb fewer nutrients, although the need for amino acids and other vital substances is not reduced. A protein deficiency is virtually pre-programmed if you are not aware of the issue.

Requirements for a good protein

For a supplement to work optimally, it must meet certain requirements. It should:

– · come from a high quality source
– · be produced without heat
– · do not contain additives and impurities
– · If possible be available in organic quality

Only then can it really contribute to more vitality, well-being and increased performance.

The confusing variety of commercially available remedies on the market

The range of protein preparations is almost unmanageable and the ingredients are often encoded by an incomprehensible nomenclature (e.g. E-numbers). How is one supposed to find one’s way around and distinguish quality from window dressing? 

Please no additives

For good effectiveness, it is particularly important that the product does not contain any synthetic chemical additives. Additions, such as:

– Flavours
– xanthan gum
– sodium cyclamate
– acesulfame K
– saccharin
– sucralose
– Dextrose and
– colourings

are not only unnecessary, but can even be harmful to the body. Often little is known about their effect.

Sucralose, for example, is a sugar substitute that is excreted again. It enters the environment through sewage treatment plants and harms animals and plants. It can damage our gut flora and raise the pH level in the gut. In the long run, this can lead to chronic inflammation, allergies and autoimmune diseases. In animal experiments, the substance even increased the risk of cancer.

Acesulfame K (E950) is deposited in the body and has been shown to damage blood vessels. It can also lead to obesity and diabetes.

Healthy through the winter with Bio Protein and Viptamin Cold

As mentioned in the introduction, high-quality protein is also an important substance for our immune system. Especially with winter coming, it makes sense to take precautions here.

Take double precautions: Order a can of organic protein today and receive it with the coupon code
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