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7 fatal mistakes with dietary supplements

People in Germany spend more than one billion euros a year on food supplements*. This sum alone confirms that there is a great interest in such products in our society. However, there are many misconceptions about songs: people are impatient, expect success too quickly and often only inform themselves superficially. Find out how you can do better here.

* Source: German Food Association

Impatience and wrong information are often the cause of the problem

If you ask yourself about your stance on supplements, it will almost certainly be based on the opinions of others or information from the media. Useful or a waste of money? Too expensive or practical and cheap? It helped the neighbour, now you’ve been waiting for weeks for the missing result? So it’s humbug after all!? Perhaps you recognize yourself in a statement or have a completely different, personal attitude to it. Whatever our opinion, impatience often drives us to make the wrong decisions and gets in the way of gaining perspective.

This is a widespread problem, especially with dietary supplements. We ask our doctor which ‘remedy’ finally brings improvement or we read guidebooks and eagerly write active ingredients on the shopping list. But the effect remains absent, we are disappointed. Who is to blame for this? In most cases, it is precisely this impatience. That’s why I’d like to explain the most common misconceptions about dietary supplements here. If you develop an understanding of this, well-intentioned advice or advertising promises will not succeed in misleading you in the future.

Which dietary supplement is the best ?

As uncomfortable as it may sound, anyone who asks such a question has missed the point of nutritional supplements (NEM).

Don’t despair if you feel the same way. I get a lot of similar questions from people who would like to jump on the NEM bandwagon quickly and don’t even know what to start with. However, there is no answer to this question because dietary supplements are not miracle capsules full of minerals and vitamins for everyone. Instead, they are food and must be considered a full part of our way of life and diet. They are not a means to increase concentration in the short term or to quickly supply oneself with nutrients.

Likewise, it is a fallacy to believe that one can be truly successful with one or two single preparations. The body needs more than 50 different nutrients to function optimally – and only when all the substances are present in this highly complex system can it utilise them correctly. Therefore, do not rely on the one miracle substance, but make sure to be completely supplied.

Don't be tempted by the (cheap) price

Quickly to the drugstore around the corner, because there are just fish oil capsules on sale? No, please don’t. As described above, first weigh for yourself whether your body just need this preparation. If yes: Set quality as the most important criterion for the choice of the product. Dietary supplements are meant to provide you with the most valuable raw materials from a food. Why would this be cheap? High-quality commodities cannot possibly be sold below their value. Unfortunately, the Internet is already full of cheap “vitamins” that promise us the blue of heaven. Consumer tests and clinical studies have confirmed often enough that the quality in most cases is not only lousy, but can also be harmful to health. Unfortunately, far too many consumers still fall for the advertising tricks of large manufacturers and lull themselves into a sense of security while swallowing dubious tablets. Although we actually already know the same game from our diet: Kilos of meat for little money can simply not be good. Exactly the same principle applies to dietary supplements. So don’t fall for pretty packaging and positive customer reviews when making your choice. Stay skeptical and don’t let the price be your guide.

Don't give trendy anthems a chance

It is not only the offer price that the food industry likes to throw at us as bait, but also the hype about new, trendy ingredients. For every little ache and pain, there is then THE ultimate active ingredient, which is being added to the range by more and more suppliers. However, that’s not how supplements work. Whether it’s krill oil or CBD, there isn’t THE single ingredient that just happened to be newly researched and should suddenly be taken by everyone. Again, keep in mind: Food supplements are a component of a balanced and varied diet.

If the whole world is screaming “Vitamin C!” tomorrow, it doesn’t mean that you are missing THAT in your diet. Unfortunately, the marketing of large corporations sees it differently. “Shouting a new hype into the world” is the motto there and the louder it shouts, the more people can be convinced. Suddenly, more and more of the wondrous pills and powder mixtures are surrounding us on the shelves and on the internet, and they are also being reduced. Composition and processing? The main thing is that it’s trendy! Do not give such market mechanisms a chance!

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