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What is neurodermatitis?

Neurodermatitis is an itchy skin disease that is not contagious. Neuro stands for nerves and dermatitis for skin inflammation.

Other expressions are atopic dermatitis or simply eczema.


In conventional medicine, the exact causes are not known. There is evidence that the predisposition is genetically inherited.

Due to a defect in the genetic enzyme, metabolic disorders occur. These lead to a deficiency of fatty acids.

This weakens the natural protective barrier, which facilitates the penetration of skin-irritating substances and allergens.

It has been shown that children growing up on the farm have significantly fewer skin diseases than those living in big cities.

From my own experience I can say that the psyche plays an important role.




These include factors such as: stress, food intolerances, cold and wet weather.

These are most responsible for neurodermatitis flare-ups.

Basic skin care

A good skin cream is important. I use natural organic coconut oil.



Severe itching, nervousness, tension, reddened skin.

Structure of the skin

A skin barrier ensures a healthy appearance of the skin. Their main function is to protect against irritation.
The uppermost layer consists of horn cells. It is especially important that this remains stable, because this layer protects you from the environment.
Then come the horny lipids or also called epidermal lipids.
The resistance of this layer depends on the density of the lipids.

Neurodermatitis severity

In the “mild form” of atopic dermatitis, you get temporary redness on your hat. 

The skin forms scales, is very dry and easily irritated.

In the “moderate form” there is more severe redness with pronounced itching. You can see nodular and reddish thickenings on the skin.

In the “severe form” the skin is very irritated and highly red and weeping eczema develops. Among other things, crusts form. 

Bloody scratch marks can be seen on the skin due to intense itching.

Typical places

The typical areas for neurodermatitis are the backs of the knees, crooks of the arms, and areas of the face and neck.


Since the skin is extremely itchy and the areas are scratched, in rare cases bacteria such as Staphylococus or fungi such as yeast fungus also get into the wounds with the scratching.

That didn’t happen to me though, even though I had severe atopic dermatitis.

Daniel Meister
Daniel Meister, M.Sc. Swiss naturopath and founder of Viptamin

At the age of just 5 years, I was diagnosed with severe neurodermatitis,

who was with me for 25 years.

A large number of conventional medical and

naturopathic attempts failed to treat them effectively.

The neurodermatitis manifested itself in severe itching and violent rashes on the skin,

which resulted in a constant lack of concentration, especially as a child and later as a teenager.

Cortisone treatments brought relief, but are not a solution because of the negative side effects.


At the age of 30, during my training as a naturopath, a good friend of mine recommended

to try high-dose multivitamins.

I was very sceptical, but decided to give it a try.

It took me a year until this therapy had the desired effect.

and my neurodermatitis went away.

It was the only thing that worked. I was thrilled.

For the first time in my life, I was able to concentrate, sleep well, and not itch.

Are you really well supplied with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids?

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