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Eat strong: These foods will give you more power.

You really don’t need supplements to stay healthy and strong.
If you eat a balanced diet of healthy foods, you won’t need any additional resources.

Nine foods for more mental strength

You can meet your daily calorie needs through fast food, of course. Fast food provides you with carbohydrates that are quickly processed by the body, providing glucose quickly. If you ever find yourself in a “thinking slump” and need a quick energy boost for your brain, “fast” carbohydrates can help.

In the long run, however, you should treat your brain to better things, namely minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium or phosphorus. Plus vitamins B, E and C as well as secondary plant compounds and omega-3 fatty acids to keep you mentally fit.

Such a balanced diet increases – compared to fast food – your mental performance by over 130%.

The nine foods that will make you more mentally efficient are:

  • Carrots
  • Millet
  • Pears
  • Nuts
  • Quark
  • Cottage cheese
  • Fat fish
  • beetroot
  • Linseed oil

Twelve foods for Muscle power and energy

  • Rice
  • Quinoa
  • Cereal
  • Eggs

fat and
are the be-all and end-all as an energy source for your muscles. The body absorbs the proteins and fats more slowly and thus the energy lasts longer. Refrain from further meals for the next 2 hours, otherwise your body will be too busy digesting during exercise and will not be able to perform optimally.

2 hours after exercise, you should eat foods that support the regeneration of the body and muscles. Now you can have a few carbohydrates in addition to proteins, which are quickly converted into energy. These include: Rice, quinoa, cereals, eggs.

Such a diet can increase muscle performance by up to 8%. Building muscle is an important issue for everyone at any age. Everyone needs strong muscles to get through everyday life upright. Especially for older people muscle building is an important topic. This is because muscle mass slowly decreases due to hormonal changes in the second half of life.

For muscles to grow, they need protein. Because the amino acids contained in protein are the building material that make up your muscles. The right combination of protein and carbohydrates contributes significantly to muscle growth and also increases the body’s ability to recover after exercise.

Delicious protein-carbohydrate combinations include: Wholemeal bread with cottage cheese, potatoes with egg, potatoes with cottage cheese, rice with chicken breast, salmon with rice and soy shake with fruit or other protein shakes.

  • Wholemeal bread with cottage cheese
  • Potatoes with egg
  • Potatoes with curd
  • Rice with chicken breast
  • Salmon with rice
  • Soy shake with fruit or other protein shakes

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