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Protein, age and our immune system

As we age, our nutritional needs change: We need a quarter fewer calories, but even more protein than when we were younger. After the age of 50, we lose an average of one to two percent of our muscle mass – every year.

In addition, since the appetite decreases, it makes sense to take a protein powder of the best quality – because you have to take much less of it than of powders of mediocre quality. Not only that:  With protein and some strength training, you can build muscle again, even reset your genes to young a bit.

But protein is also indispensable for the immune system: All immunocompetent cells – i.e. those that contribute to the immune system – consist of protein. This means that when protein levels are low, immune cells are also low. An adequate amount of protein in the blood is therefore a condition for a functioning immune system. Why exactly this is so and what else we can do for our immune system, you can find out here.

More protein record

Only a century ago, electricity from the socket and the spread of cars were not a matter of course. Therefore, the average person at that time consumed 4000-6000 calories. Proteins were involuntarily consumed in the amount of food in greater quantities than today. Meanwhile, the need for calories has been reduced to less than half, so that, as a rule, less protein is supplied. This problem can be solved by eating fewer carbohydrate-rich side dishes and choosing more protein-containing foods instead. Unlike carbohydrates, proteins are essential for life. Easier than getting the protein you need through food is to supplement protein.
Many people use protein shakes to lose weight, but they can also help the immune system.

What else can you do for your immune system?

In addition, it is necessary to “ventilate” immunocompetent cells, which is achieved with mild endurance exercise, which significantly increases the immune response. As I’m sure you know, that’s not the only way endurance exercise is good for you – so put on your running shoes or hop on your bike.

Auddauersport works wonders for your immune system.

It is also important that the amount of the stress hormone cortisol is not increased. Excessive stress hinders immune processes. This is also evident in the fact that organ transplant patients have to take cortisone preparations in order to suppress rejection reactions by the immune system against the foreign organ. If the organ comes from an identical twin, however, this is not necessary. In all other cases it is necessary to lower the immune system with medication. Cortisol is the most potent catabolic hormone, so its amount should be limited. This can be achieved with meditation, relaxation exercises and mild endurance sports.

Give yourself a break. Your immune system will thank you.

It should also not be neglected that the immune system is closely associated with the intestine or a healthy intestinal flora. There are more bacteria in the intestine than cells in the entire body. A disturbed intestinal flora often leads to food intolerances, allergies, the so-called leaky gut syndrome, neurodermatitis and other problems. In orthodox medicine, however, the physiological intestinal flora is hardly considered. Although colonoscopies are performed, these do not allow the intestinal flora to be viewed or analyzed.

Bio Protein

Moderate endurance sports and a healthy serenity in everyday life help the immune system a lot. If you want to do even more, a good protein powder is a fantastic idea – because our immune system is made of protein. Only when the amount of protein in the body is sufficient, your immune system can function.

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