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The new Komplett Forte is here:
Discover the 2023 formula now!

As you may know, one of the features of our Complete Forte is that we optimize the formula every year to adapt it to new scientific findings and respond to valuable customer feedback.

Now it’s that time again – and from now on we would like to take you on this exciting journey and inform you about our changes.

Proven and optimized in a new look

All in all, the Komplett Forte is still exactly the product you appreciate so much. There have been a few changes, however, which we will now go into in detail.

New is iodine 200ug 156%

In recent years, I had waited to add iodine to the Forte until the studies were clear as to whether we were suffering from iodine deficiency here. Now it is from my point of view. That is why you will now find 156% of the daily requirement of organically utilizable iodine in Forte 2023.

Whether you feel restless or listless could be due to your thyroid. It is one of our energy centers. With its thyroid hormones, it regulates every cell. Iodine is the central building block for this.

Scientists at the University of Rostock have investigated the supply situation with iodine. They used a bus to measure iodine intake in 6000 families in Germany. Result: On average, we eat 72 µg of iodine daily. The iodine salts with 78 µg only slightly more. The minimum recommendation is 200 µg daily, so it’s best to take the iodine supply into our own hands.

In the case of iodine deficiency, the thyroid gland tries to suck up the last remnants from the blood. At the same time, she puffs herself up. The goiter develops. Iodine deficiency makes you tired. Women are three times more likely to be affected by thyroid disease than men. This is because women are significantly more often vegetarians or vegans. By the way, many women have latent iodine deficiency even before pregnancy. However, during pregnancy or immediately after birth, up to 70 percent develop a pathologically enlarged thyroid gland.

Iodine also affects the intelligence of the unborn child. Children who experienced iodine deficiency during pregnancy have, on average, a 10-point lower intelligence quotient. These are results from over 68 studies. Children who grow poorly, remain too small, are sluggish and unfocused, or learn poorly often have an iodine deficiency or suffer undetected from hypothyroidism.

To absorb enough iodine from food, you would have to eat six kilograms of cheese every day or eat five fish meals a week. Iodized table salt is a drop in the bucket. A healthy person can practically not absorb too much iodine. If the body actually gets more iodine than it needs, it excretes it again.

New is vitamin B8 also called inositol 2000mg

Inositiol is a vitamin-like substance that is little known. In the past it was counted among the B vitamins. Their highest concentration is found in the brain. B8 is responsible in the body for fat metabolism and homon balance.

Fields of application are polycystic ovary syndrome. This is the most common hormone disorder in women of childbearing age. Symptoms: Acne, hair loss, obesity, cysts. Other uses include acne, hair loss, obesity and cysts.

New is lecithin 1500mg

Lecithin is needed to build up the cell membrane. Ensures that nerve signals are transmitted faster and better. In addition, lecithin ensures better solubility of our powder.

New is a mixture of peas 2640mg and rice protein 660mg

viptamin komplett forte

Convince yourself

We are excited about the new formula of our Viptamin Complete Forte. Its optimized taste and now even better vital substance profile make it the best Komplett Forte we have ever offered. Its new, colorful packaging expresses what has always made it so special: the best raw materials we can get. 

We would be pleased if you would try the improved Complete Forte. And as always: We look forward to your suggestions, because of course work on the 2024 formula is already in full swing again.

Ihr Mehr-Wert mit Viptamin Komplett Forte

Wir haben nachgerechnet: Wenn Sie alle in Viptamin Komplett Forte enthaltenen Vitalstoffe einzeln bei Amazon kaufen würden, dann müssten Sie fast doppelt so viel zahlen.
Inhaltsstoff Menge pro 22g-Messlöffel Preis bei Amazon
Bio Reisprotein 8g 0,216 €
Vitamin A Palmitat 900 μg 0,809 €
Thiamin 40 mg 0,149 €
Vitamin B2 50 mg 0,028 €
Niacin 77 mg 0,027 €
Vitamin B6 15 mg 0,019 €
Folsäure 800 μg 0,033 €
Vitamin B12 250 μg 0,019 €
Biotin 340 μg 0,015 €
Pantothensäure 50 mg 0,015 €
Vitamin C (basisch) 800 mg 0,611 €
Vitamin D3(100% vegan) 50 μg 0,021 €
Vitamin E (100% natürlich) 134 mg 0,073 €
Vitamin K1 100 μg 0,090 €
Vitamin K2 (MK7 aus nat. Natto) 100 μg 0,027 €
Magnesium 418 mg 0,108 €
Kalzium 335 mg 0,018 €
Kalium 400 mg 0,325 €
Zink 20 mg 0,177 €
Mangan 2 mg 0,032 €
Selen 200 μg 0,087 €
Kupfer 1 mg 0,050 €
Chrom 80 μg 0,058 €
Methylsulfonylmethan (MSM) 500 mg 0,661 €
Lutein 20 mg 0,311 €
Acerola Kirschen natürlicher Extrakt 50 mg 0,012 €
Acai Beeren natürlicher Extrakt 50 mg 0,006 €
Aronia Beeren 50 mg 0,002 €
Cranberry Früchte 50 mg 0,006 €
Rote Bete biologisch 2600 mg 0,233 €
Brokkoli biologisch 500 mg 0,016 €
Kohl biologisch 500 mg 0,133 €
Kurkuma 800 mg 0,019 €
Sägepalm Extrakt 50 mg 0,014 €
Ginkgo Extrakt 50 mg 0,019 €
Grüntee Extrakt 45% ECGG 50 mg 0,011 €
Zitrus Bioflavonoide 70 mg 0,013 €
Quercetin 50 mg 0,028 €
Hesperidin 15 mg 0,020 €
Rutin 10 mg 0,004 €
OPC aus Traubenkernextrakt (95%) 50 mg 0,013 €
Resveratrol 50% 10 mg 0,014 €
Lycopin aus Tomaten 20 mg 0,432 €
Astaxanthin Komplex 3 mg 0,125 €
Tocotrienol Komplex 20 mg 0,141 €
Acidophilus, Thermophilus, Bifidus, Bulgaricus 250 mg 0,111 €
Cholin 10 mg 0,003 €
Beta Glucan 200 mg 0,089 €
GESAMT Kosten pro Tag: 2,82€

Kosten pro Tag: 5,44 €