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Finally Understanding Carbohydrates – Part 2

Finally Understanding Carbohydrates Part 2

In the first part, we have already summarized what really matters when it comes to carbohydrates. Since this topic is so important for a balanced diet, we’ll shed some light on it for you in this 2nd part.

Our brain has not yet adapted to the large amount of carbohydrates

Walk into a supermarket today and carbohydrates are ubiquitous. Pasta, flour, rice, puddings, sauces, convenience products, sweets, snacks … they’re all dripping with it.

No one has to make any more effort for this. On the contrary, the challenge is to find something without carbohydrates in the mass of food.

So keep your eyes peeled – carbohydrates are among the mandatory information on foods, so after all, it’s easy to look up which food is high in carbohydrates and how.

The years-long trend of labeling fats as fatteners hasn’t made it any better. How do you think the diet industry gets food tasty without fat? Of course, with carbohydrates mostly in the form of hidden sugar.
We hardly ever eat food as it comes directly from nature. ” Processed food” is the name given to all foods that have been processed by humans in some way. It starts with ground grain and ends with frozen pizza. This food is bursting with carbohydrates and unhealthy fatty acids. Proteins and vital substances degenerate into a minor matter. The relationship between energy and building blocks gets completely out of kilter.
So it’s not the carbohydrates per se that are a problem, but the excess of them in relation to the good fats, vital substances and proteins.

To combat this carbohydrate power, you will find an assortment of vital substances, proteins and healthy omega 3 fats at Viptamin.

Of course, you can now sit back and wait a few centuries until our brain has adapted to the new conditions and no longer rewards us for eating carbohydrates. Eventually, your offspring will get to the point where you are no longer rewarded for carbohydrate intake with instant feelings of happiness.

Evolution takes time and that’s a good thing, because otherwise every short-term change would basically reprogram us and much of it would have been unnecessary in the long run.

What can you do to improve this situation?

  • Be careful not to consume empty carbohydrates. Just skip the bread, pasta and rice.
  • Instead, replace empty calories with foods that contain carbohydrates along with healthy fats, vital substances or proteins : Nuts instead of chips or vegetables and fruit instead of chocolate. Millet, quinoa or oats instead of wheat. Buckwheat instead of rice.
  • Increase their share of proteins and vital substances: eat more vegetables or legumes, for example. Also, supplementing your diet with our multi-preparations restores balance in your diet.
  • Replace saturated fatty acids with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Eat more fish and more nuts, use olive oil and canola oil instead of lard or sausages, and reduce animal fats.
  • Dare to experiment and have one meal a day without carbohydrates, preferably the evening meal. This way you relieve your blood sugar level, sleep better and wake up in the morning without hunger.

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Understanding carbohydrates at last

Understanding carbohydrates at last

If you want to know more about how to eat sustainably healthy, you can find a lot of contradictory information, especially about carbohydrates. That’s why we’ve summarized what really matters.

Carbohydrates as a component of our food

If we look at our food, we can divide it into four groups:
Carbohydrates are exclusively pure energy suppliers. Think of them as paper. Paper burns quickly and violently. Can you use well to light a fire. But to make it burn in the long term, you need other substances. In the body, these are fats, proteins vital substances such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, trace elements. They build you up and make you strong and capable in the long run.

Vital substances, fats and proteins do not only provide short-term energy. They also provide building materials for our body cells, organs, make happy hormones and build our immune system.
In short, they keep us healthy in the long term.

Aha-knowledge No. 1:

Carbohydrates = Short-term pleasure

In today’s mainstream, almost everything is focused on short-term enjoyment. The mainstream person then also feeds on carbohydrates for the very largest part. Fits. But is that what YOU want? After all, it is the mainstream that is too fat in old age and not those who consciously eat sustainably with vital substances, porteins and healthy fats.

They get the engine running, at full speed, immediately

Carbohydrates = pure energy

Sounds very good at first. We can use energy in our strenuous everyday life. But there is a flip side to the coin.

Our energy consumption is not designed for an excess of carbohydrates in our modern diet.

All carbohydrates are sugars

Carbohydrates are nothing more than sugar in various forms, but in the end they are still sugar. Carbohydrates taste particularly sweet and can be utilized by the body extremely quickly. They are mainly found in convenience foods, bread, pizza, sweets, pasta and fruit. They burn just like paper, fierce, fast and hot.

Unfortunately, even the fructose in fruits is not healthier than other sugars. Vegetables are therefore significantly healthier than fruits.

If we eat these extremely quickly available substances, we feel it immediately. The blood sugar level skyrockets, we experience a real energy boost, which unfortunately is usually short-lived, because the body quickly counteracts. In general, these carbohydrates are delicious but only useful in small amounts.

For a long time, carbohydrates were something special

Carbohydrates are ideal for our glucose-demanding brain, which sets up a tricky reward system to get us to eat them.

Fruits were an important source of energy for early humans. If he could find a sweet piece of fruit, it was high-calorie food and important in times when people didn’t get food from their refrigerators at home but had to work hard for it. Something like that was immediately rewarded by the brain with dopamine, so that as much of it as possible was eaten.

Every time you eat something that contains carbohydrates, your brain releases dopamine and rewards you for it. Eating carbohydrates is pleasant and creates a good feeling. This innate preference has become harmful necessary in modern industrialized countries, as we have far too many carbohydrates in our food supply.

Preventing obesity instead of fighting it

Considering what carbohydrates do in our bodies and the effect they can have on our weight, an Einstein quote comes to mind:

“A wise person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it”

In other words, be wise. When it comes to weight, take precautions right away and avoid overdoing it with carbohydrates. Rather, ensure a balanced diet in which vital substances, fats and proteins play the main role.

Soon we will continue with the second part

If you want to learn more about a healthy diet, the topic of carbohydrates is extremely important. Therefore, there will be a second part on this topic for you shortly. If you’d like to know more and be notified when Part 2 is released, feel free to sign up for our newsletter!

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The benefits of protein are underestimated – part 2

The benefits of protein are underestimated - part 2

In part one, we already reported that protein is the most underrated nutrient in our diet, why its benefits are so great, and how you can best benefit from it. In this second part, we will go over different protein sources, how these proteins differ from each other in quality, and which protein is particularly good and tolerable for the body.

Important: the source of protein

You should definitely be clear about where proteins come from. Depending on the animal or plant source, the amino acid profile of proteins differs. Proteins from slaughterhouse waste, while very favorable to manufacturers, may be contaminated with pathogens and contain drugs and hormones. Low quality whey protein (Whey) can lead to acne and fatigue. Inferior proteins of animal origin can cause elevated blood pressure, increased risk of type II diabetes, increased risk of bone fractures, and kidney stones. Bovine Meat and Milk Factors (BMMF) have been found in conventional cow’s milk, which can cause chronic inflammation and increase the risk of colon and breast cancer. That is why we rely on organic quality.

I estimate that currently not even 0.1% of all protein powders on the market come from controlled organic production.

Vegetable or animal protein?

Vegans and vegetarians prefer plant-based products, which can also be good sources of protein. However, such carry the risk of being contaminated by pesticides or genetically modified. In addition, the vast majority of plant proteins lack an essential amino acid.

Vegetable proteins are generally less efficient, but they are by no means inferior.

Origin also counts

Products from distant countries should be viewed critically if the origin, treatment and breeding of the raw materials cannot be traced. There, regulations and controls regarding the use of antibiotics and pesticides as well as production methods are much less strict. An EU organic label provides assurance that controls are actually in place. We are also regularly inspected by an inspection body for EU certification.

Quality through unique methodology

In order to obtain a product of maximum purity and optimal effect, we have used 2 special techniques in the production of Organic Alpine Protein:

Cross-flow ultrafiltration mimics human cell membranes through the ultra-fine pores of the filters. In this way, only valuable nutrients pass through the membrane, while a large proportion of harmful substances, unnecessary fat and lactose are optimally filtered out.

Cold processing of proteins ensures that the proteins retain their natural form and function. Heat would destroy their three-dimensional structure and render them largely ineffective.

Overall, our product offers clear added value that you will not find on the market in this combination.


The organic protein from Viptamin

Our organic alpine protein clearly stands out against conventional products. It:

  • comes from controlled organic skimmed milk from the Austrian Alps (EU organic certified)
  • Contains an optimal amino acid profile with high valence
  • contains amino acids for the formation of glutathione, the strongest antioxidant in our body
  • Contains amino acids that contribute decisively to muscle building
  • Is of exceptional quality and purity
  • is free from additives, such as flavors, preservatives and sugar
  • was completely freed from possible harmful substances, lactose and fats
  • was processed with care for protein

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Free iron and iodine for Complete Forte customers

Free iron and iodine for Complete Forte customers

We are often asked why there is neither iron nor iodine in the list of ingredients of our Complete Forte.

This is – like everything at Viptamin – of course no coincidence, but the result of our well thought-out composition. You can find out exactly what this is all about here.

Iron and job - true multi-talents in our body

Iron and iodine both play major roles in our bodies. While iron is mainly involved in processes of cell formation of oxygen transport, we all know iodine for its important role as a metabolic regular in our thyroid gland. In addition, it has many other functions in our body. So why not put both in our Complete Forte?

Too much of a good thing for many people

The reason for this is actually quite simple: both iron and iodine are not useful for large portions of the population and may even be harmful for some.

The processes in the body are complex and certain people have special requirements. That's what we're going for.

Case 1: Iron supply in man

The first substance, iron, is present in sufficient concentration in most people. In fact, most men often have an excess of iron. Because it does not make sense for us to add components to our Complete Forte that most people do not have, we have deliberately omitted them from our formula.

Case 2: Iodine

With iodine, the situation looks even a little trickier: Various thyroid diseases, some of which are widespread, require either a higher or a reduced iodine intake:

Hyperthyroidism can be exacerbated by high iodine intake. In Graves’ disease and hot nodules, care should therefore be taken not to ingest large amounts of iodine.

Chronic immune thyroiditis Hashimoto’s may be worsened by iodine in some circumstances in the initial phase and should be temporarily avoided in large amounts.

During pregnancy, on the other hand, the advantages of additional iodine supplementation for the growing child outweigh the disadvantages. It is best to ask your thyroid doctor.

After surgical removal of the thyroid gland, the body can no longer produce the thyroid hormones itself from iodine; the hormones are supplied to it in tablet form. However, one does not have to worry about a possible excess of iodine: Iodine that is not needed in the body is excreted (mainly through the urine).

If your thyroid doctor has advised you to avoid large amounts of iodine, you should not take iodine-containing supplements (multivitamins) and medications, and you should not use iodine-containing X-ray contrast media or brown wound disinfectants. Reduce in your diet sea fish, seafood, seaweed and mineral waters rich in iodine. Before radioiodine therapy or whole-body scintigraphy (in carcinoma patients), one must temporarily restrict iodine intake very strictly. Iodine intake via iodized salt and large amounts of dairy products may also play a role here


Get iron and iodine from Viptamin for free

As you can see, neither substance in a multivitamin makes blanket sense. Nevertheless, we have the claim to supply our customers optimally – and we can only do that if we can supply both when iron or iodine is needed. That’s why we’re introducing our new free products, Viptamin Iron and Viptamin Iodine.

So if you are either convinced you need either or a blood test has shown you do, feel free to click this button. So you get, at no additional cost,our new, high quality iron and iodine as a convenient capsule. The prerequisite for this is that you have an active Komplett Forte subscription.
Here you can take out a Complete Forte subscription

Viptamine iron

  • Organic iron chelate of highest bioavailability, as bound to the amino acid glycine
  • With 50mg vitamin C for optimized bioavailability
  • Our iron capsules are free from magnesium stearate, release agents, flavors, dyes, stabilizers, fillers, gelatin
  • GMO-free, lactose-free, gluten-free & without preservatives
  • Laboratory test for residues, heavy metals and iron content
  • Made in Germany

Viptamin Organic Kelp (Iodine)

  • Iodine from organic kelp from high quality brown seaweed
  • Our iodine capsules are free from magnesium stearate, release agents, flavors, colorants, stabilizers, fillers, gelatin
  • GMO-free, lactose-free, gluten-free & without preservatives
  • 100% vegan
  • Made in Germany

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Get the Optimum for your well-being from Vitamins & Co.

Get the Optimum for your well-being from Vitamins & Co.

An optimal multivitamin can do so much more for you. In this practical book you will learn briefly and concisely what is important.

As you may already know, if you are one of our loyal visitors, not only our products but also the story behind them are quite unique. The idea to combine high-dose vital substances in a targeted way has arisen from my personal story. Over the years, I have made many observations and thoughts on the subject of health and have optimized the Viptamin products again and again to be able to offer our customers the optimum in vital substance supply.

I have now written down and published all these insights, principles and thoughts.

For now, it is available as an e-book on all your devices, but in the future, a printed version will probably also appear as a guidebook for your bookshelf at home.

I’d like to invite you to read the book for free. I am curious what you think of it. If you have any suggestions or feedback, I look forward to hearing from you. You can either download it from the following link, or read it in its entirety in your web browser further down the page.

This book was originally published in German. The author is of course also available in English for further inquiries: [email protected]

The author

Daniel Meister is a Swiss naturopath and founder of the company Viptamin. He has been developing and optimizing a unique multivitamin known as „Viptamin Complete Forte“ for over ten years, which is taken and appreciated by people all over the world.

Developing health products for demanding people is the very best challenge he can ask for. The product range is very small: with his Swiss quality standards, he is concerned with class rather than mass.

The fine selection of 100% natural food supplements in firstclass quality are optimally dosed. In addition, they are selected so that they can be ideally utilized by the body.

Daniel Meister‘s claim is to sell only those products that he himself takes daily. He lives by this maxim.

Daniel Meister M. Sc.
Naturopath and founder of Viptamin

Table of contents

I Principles

The wisdom of prevention

Combine, up-dose, reduce, and keep at it.

The recipe for life

The minimum law rethought

Quality and quantity

Our four pillars

How it all began

My view of the world: Take the best, forget the rest

The Act & Relax principle

Vitamin deficiency is more widespread than generally assumed

Combining technology & nature – the key to success

Nature is clearly better here: vitamin E and methylcobalamin

II ­Observations

Vitamins – The vital team workers and all-rounders

Vitamin C – as indispensable as the air we breathe

Vitamin C in its most effective form

Vitamin D – The 007 sun hormone

Those who know the A-B-C well also appreciate the zinc element

Do I need nutritional supplements?

Vital substances – The operating system of our body

Vital substances help decide how you feel

Conventional medical disease treatment and alternatives

Medication in abundance

Pain, let go

Cholesterol treatment

The widespread disease diabetes mellitus


Neurodermatitis – a tour de force for the whole family

Diet-related causes of disease

Sugar – a sweet temptation with consequences

Merry Merry Sweetness

Stevia – The sugar alternative?

III ­Solutions

The Viptamin – product range

Viptamin Complete Forte – The daily portion of vital substances

Appearance or reality – Which do you prefer?

Little packaging, a lot of content – The Complete Forte Formula

A healthy gut is a prerequisite

Bio Protein – Valuable amino acids for the body

Natural Alpha Lipoid Acid

Ubiquinol Q10


The cold cure – The healthy gift of nature

Minimum or optimum – the choice is yours


I Principles

The wisdom of prevention

Wisdom is an extremely practical skill. Once you have accepted that almost all problems are easier to avoid than to solve, you have understood the principle of prevention. Our life is one of the most beautiful and at the same time one of the most difficult challenges of all. Conflicts and problems lurk everywhere. However, if you recognize this, you can take targeted preventive action and avoid many difficulties. However, it takes not only knowledge, but also a certain foresight to act cleverly and smartly.

The great Albert Einstein once used to say, „A smart person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it“ [1].

So it‘s all about learning to assess situations in advance in order to avoid mistakes. In many areas of life, we do this quite intuitively, especially if we have experience in those areas:

In movies and television, we are provided with a distorted picture of reality, so to speak: The heroes of the silver screen perform great deeds and defeat villains – exposing themselves to enormous dangers that would be unthinkable in this way in real life.

That‘s what makes fiction so appealing – but in everyday life, heroism goes in a different way: For me, everyday heroes are the people who have understood that prevention is the ability to consistently think a thing through to the end in everyday life and not in the movies.

Providing the body with everything it needs, consistently and daily – that is wisdom.

Combine, up-dose, reduce, and keep at it.

The term „multivitamin“ tempts us to focus our attention only on vitamins. This view is misleading and the focus should be on an overall view of the actual, much more complex issue:

Accordingly, a good multivitamin consists not only of various vitamins, but additionally of amino and fatty acids, minerals as well as trace elements.

A serious multivitamin would have to be „Multi-Vitamin-A-B1-B2-B3-B5-B6-B7-B9-B12-C-D-E-K-Arginine-Histidine-Isoleucine-Leucine-Lysine-Methionine-Phenylalanine-Threonine-Tryptophan-Valine-Omega-3-Omega-6-Calcium-Chromium-Iron-Iodine-Potassium-Cobalt-Copper-Lithium-Magnesium-Manganese-Molybdenum-Phosphorus-Sul9fur-Selenium-Silicon-Vanadium-Zinc“. However, because this name is a bit bulky, I refer to this super formula as a multivitamin.

The recipe for life

The recipe of our life consists of the following 47 vital ingredients [2].

If even one of these substances is missing, we cannot fully develop our potential. Thus, the hoped-for result does not occur: Our efforts are in vain. Some of the listed vital substances we consume in sufficient quantities in our daily diet, such as sodium in the form of table salt. Others, however, are ingested in very different insufficient amounts. Therefore, it does not make sense to supplement the same amount of each vital substance, because not everyone lacks it to the same extent. A concept is needed that knows the current supply situation of the person.

The minimum law rethought

A few pages ago you learned that 47 vital substances are needed in coherent amounts to provide our body with optimal nutrition. Why now these 47 in combination and not only a few of them?

Have you ever baked a bread by omitting either the yeast, the water, the salt or the flour? It won‘t succeed, much less taste good. Each ingredient is essential – that is, necessary. It is the same with the body and its supply of vital substances: the 47 vital substances are essential and work together. And even if short-term, selective problems can be concealed by targeted individual vitamins, this can lead to problematic supply imbalances in the long term. This is because the minimum law made famous by Justus Liebig applies not only to plant nutrition, but also to human and animal nutrition. Applied to us humans, it states: Our body can only develop as well as the scarcest vital substance allows.

Quality and quantity

We all know the motto „less is more“. This means that particularly good quality is preferred to quantity. Quality also has a central role in my proven recipe:

Thus, for an excellent product, high-quality ingredients must be sourced and incorporated into the recipe. It is like in all areas of life: Poor, cheap raw materials will never make a masterpiece. Those who have good „vitamin B“ here and have established relationships with the best producers in the industry have a clear advantage.

In addition, there is a larger, probably even more significant piece of the puzzle: excellent networking is important, but not sufficient for a quality product. Up-to-date knowledge of ingredients and constant study of technical literature and field reports are essential for the ongoing development of good products.

In addition to quality, the quantity of ingredients used also determines the final product. The magic word here is „high-dosage“. Conventional products are often very low-dosed. To get the most out of the product, the dose must be high enough. Viptamine therefore stands for „quality plus quantity“.

Keeping track of this is a lot of work. Doing this work conscientiously is our daily bread: Just as you would trust the master baker to get up early in the morning and bake your favorite bread for you, you can rely on us as the manufacturer of your unique multivitamin.

Our four pillars

In summary, the four essential points for an optimal supply of vital substances to the body are:

This knowledge will help you distinguish a good from a useless multivitamin and make better decisions than many others.


How it all began

Why Viptamin manages to produce a product that is so much higher quality than other „multivitamins“ is closely related to my personal history.

I was diagnosed with severe neurodermatitis at the age of five. The disease manifested itself in severe itching and violent skin rashes, which led to a constant lack of concentration, especially as a child and later as a teenager.

Cortisone treatments promised short-term relief, but were and are not a long-term solution due to the negative side effects. A large number of conventional medical and naturopathic attempts failed to effectively treat the neurodermatitis.

As a young man, I decided to stop putting my fate in the hands of other people. Instead, I wanted to train as a naturopath myself and thus learn more about holistic health. I was 30 years old when a good friend recommended that I try high-dose multivitamins.

At first this sounded strange, after all it was and still is a widespread opinion that we get enough nutrients from our daily diet and that at the most we need single small supplements of single vitamins, for example when we have a cold. I was extremely skeptical, but finally agreed to try it myself, because all other forms of therapy were unsuccessful. After a few months, I actually noticed an alleviation of the symptoms. After a year of regular use, the neurodermatitis had disappeared. For the first time in my life I was able to concentrate on myself, sleep well and no longer had itching. More than 25 years of suffering were now a thing of the past, and the following 25 years were also free of neurodermatitis thanks to highly dosed and coordinated vital substances.

This story is my story. After I understood what helped me, I started to research intensively, to read, to network and to educate myself. At the time, there was no suitable multivitamin and taking a multitude of capsules daily, which in combination would have provided a comprehensive supply, was not something I wanted to do. For this reason, I began step by step to develop my own formula, which I tested exclusively on myself for two years. After I finished my training as a naturopath, I opened my practice.

I specialized in vital substances. Again and again, patients approached me about nutritional supplements. They wanted to know from me what I could recommend. I did not find any products that met my requirements, neither on the domestic nor on the foreign market. I found good individual products, but not a single product that combined these individual products in a high-quality product. The big manufacturers were not interested in an optimal multivitamin, because the demand for it was too low. However, both my patients and I were very interested in it: I began to develop it myself. I would like to spare you the countless steps up to the market-ready product at this point.

The name „Viptamin“ was born in the Bavarian countryside. There I attended a seminar in orthomolecular medicine. After a hearty meal, I could do nothing more on the spot than go to my room and think about a coherent product name that would combine vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Since I assumed that high-quality products like mine would be bought by people who deserved the status of „very important person,“ it became the name Viptamin.

My products were well received, as there was nothing comparable. Inquiries from home and abroad followed. The success of my customer base made me incredibly happy. Developing health products for discerning people was the most wonderful challenge I could have wished for. So, in parallel, I started to design more useful products and to improve them permanently. Now, many years later, my curiosity and desire to optimize is still as great as it was when it all began.

Some manufacturers have tried to copy my products. However, they overlooked the fact that Viptamin products were created from practice for practice and deviations in the composition also lead to distortions in the results. You cannot copy something that you do not understand in its depth. My loyal Viptamin customers appreciate this.

Our formula of the main product is prepared from the best quality ingredients and constantly improved according to the latest knowledge and research, which is why there is only one original: the Premium Multivitamin Complete Forte.

My view of the world: Take the best, forget the rest

Since my products have a lot to do with me as a person, a little insight into what makes me tick may be of interest to you.

I am a quality person. That was not always the case. I, too, have only developed into this over the course of my life through less good and very good experiences. This development took place in all areas of life. Over time, I noticed that it became more and more important for me to live and act according to the quality principle. Have you ever had to work with bad tools, had to deal with clueless craftsmen or colleagues, or had to deal with an unmotivated customer service that did nothing for you except for waiting time or excessive costs?

If so, how did that make you feel? Probably frustrated, stressed, humiliated and drained. Through many negative experiences it became clear to me: If you appreciate quality and renounce the stupid „stinginess is cool“ doctrine, life gives you much more relaxed and many happy moments. For me, this is especially the case in the areas of genuine friendships, food and drink. The fact that the products I buy and produce myself follow these guidelines is not only incredibly important, but a matter of course. The concept of quality plays a prominent role for me.

At some point I realized that there is even a kind of technical term for my quality consciousness that I like very much: Sturgeon‘s Law. It says that 90% of everything is junk. Whether it‘s books, movies, music, products, and your own thoughts, 90% of it is useless. It doesn‘t get us anywhere, it wastes our time. How much junk have you bought in your life? Junk that sits around uselessly and collects dust. Junk that you bought because it was on sale, because you thought it would be useful to you, or because you thought it would get you somewhere.

But also 90% of our wishes, our desires, our longings are not valuable to us. So everything should always be subjected to a thorough review. „Buy 3 pay 2“ is the lure of advertising. My response to that? I would like to have class instead of mass, and excellent quality. Admittedly: The essence behind Sturgeon‘s Law sounds harsh and is pointedly worded, but to me it is coherent. By the way, if you‘re not sure whether something is junk or not, it‘s probably junk.

The Act & Relax principle

I offer you here a simple way of thinking and seeing, with which I live well. Once understand something essential – and health is essential – correctly, after that just act on it without much effort. That is enough: Once you have understood something correctly, in the long run you can sit back and relax and do the right thing. Act & Relax.

Acting intelligently in this context means recognizing the potential of vital substances and applying it. As a user, it is not necessary to understand the complex interrelationships and processes behind them. Rather, it is a matter of having the big picture in mind. Details are interesting, no question, but they are not decisive for your success. It is not necessary for users to study the 47 individual nutrients extensively. It is more important to ensure an optimal and lasting supply of vital substances for the body in everyday life. It is practical intelligence that is decisive for success here.

Once you have internalized this and integrated it into your life, you can sit back and no longer need to worry about it. He can relax. Act & relax therefore: very simple, very effective.

Whoever acts according to this principle knows about the necessity and the complexity of an optimal supply of the body. Constant testing for individual nutrients in the body often causes uncertainty and not infrequently leads us to lose focus on the essentials. Depending on the nutritionist, alternative practitioner or physician, completely different and often contradictory statements and recommendations are made.

Vitamin deficiency is more widespread than generally assumed

Many people think that vitamin deficiency is rare, that they themselves are not affected by it and that a „normal“ lifestyle is sufficient for a good supply. The fatal error in this? The optimum is not reached. Reference values, as you find them in the ingredients as percentages, are correct, but these are – and this is decisive – only minimum values. A minimal intake prevents diseases such as scurvy (vitamin C deficiency) or beriberi (vitamin B1 deficiency). But with these minimal dosages you are far from using the full potential of these impressive vital substances.

Modern vital substance research has proven in countless studies that vitamins have a much greater health potential when taken in larger amounts. The National Nutrition Survey II [4], for which representative data were collected to map the nutritional status of Germans, revealed deficiencies in the supply of vitamins and trace elements, some of which were serious. Our complex defense system, which protects us day after day from pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and others, consists of a large number of different minute proteins. In order to function optimally, it must be supplied with vital substances. If even one important vitamin is missing, the immune system will no longer function properly. If the body is not sufficiently supplied, the natural protective mechanism suffers.

Combining technology & nature – the key to success

Whether naturally occurring vitamins or those developed in the laboratory are better for the organism is much and gladly discussed. Personally, I am a proponent of combining nature, creativity and technology. Man has made use of many effects and tricks that can be observed in nature in order to then harness them for himself – and with great success:

Leonardo da Vinci intensively studied bird flight in order to imitate it technically. For the stabilization of lightweight structures and high-rise buildings, engineers are looking at the natural structure of grasses such as bamboo. They are true marvels and can withstand any wind without being damaged due to their hollow and light stalks.

My Viptamin Complete Forte is an expression of this attitude. In it, I combine the respective advantages of both variants, combining vital substances obtained directly from natural foods with those isolated from natural substances by means of technological processes. Completely synthetic substances, which do not exist in nature, do not enter the product.

All my products are united by the fact that they are based on orthomolecular expert knowledge, current research results and many years of practical experience. The goal is and remains to offer products in maximum concentration, purity and bioavailability.

To anticipate the reflexive „But nature is always better!“ outcry right away:
Modern research reveals that some isolated vitamins are equivalent, and in some cases superior, to natural ones for the following reasons: The chemical structure of most vitamins produced in isolation does not differ in any way from their natural counterparts. Nobel Prize-winning research demonstrates successful isolation, and clinical studies are also conducted on the basis of isolated substances. Our organism can utilize both forms equally well.

What is different, however, is the bioavailability of both forms. While isolated vitamins are directly available to the body, natural vitamins are organically bound in complexes and must first be broken down. For example, just 2% of the vitamin A contained in a carrot can be utilized. This is also pointed out by the German Consumer Association [5]. In contrast, the isolated vitamin A contained in Complete Forte is almost 100% available.

In addition, the quality of isolated substances can be controlled much better and, above all, they can be highly dosed. We can precisely control the concentration of our vitamins, which of course is not possible with pure plant extracts: We would have to consume very large quantities of fruits and vegetables every day or extremely concentrate plant substances in order to cover our nutrient requirements with them. In doing so, you would also have to consume a very large and unhealthy amount of fructose. From my multivitamin preparation Complete Forte already one scoop is sufficient for the optimal supply of the body, because I combine isolated and pure natural substances in such a way that the advantages of both are maximized.

The vital substances we use are very pure. I can assure that there are no pesticide residues, pathogens or pollutants from the air, water or soil in this preparation. I strictly reject genetically modified foods and do not want them in my shopping cart or in my products. Not all manufacturers of complex plant extracts can guarantee this. We conduct appropriate independent laboratory tests for each batch.

The standardized production of vitamins need not be thought of as unnatural or even unhealthy in any way. A good manufacturer goes to work like a craftsman with the best ingredients and high-quality tools. For the production of my form of vitamin C, corn is used as the starting material. Industrious bacteria use natural fermentation to ensure that pure vitamin C is produced after many intermediate steps.

In the case of cheap products, vitamin C is often obtained from crude oil or crude gasoline, or even by using genetic engineering. This does not even have to be labeled in the end product. Such a method is out of the question for viptamine [5].
Of course, isolated substances lack the necessary companions and supplements. Enzymes, co-factors, minerals, trace elements and secondary plant substances are essential for activation in the organism. Positive synergistic effects from plant extracts do not occur with isolated substances. So that the body does not have to get the necessary accompanying substances from its own reserves, I combine vitamins with plant powders, superfruit and vegetable extracts from certified organic cultivation as well as bioflavonoids and flavonols in a balanced ratio. So I supply the necessary activators directly.

Thus, a triple effect is achieved: maximum concentration of substances, optimal bioavailability and synergies.

Spices such as pepper or turmeric also play a role in my formula: pepper contains piperine, turmeric contains curcumin – both are high-quality, plant-based bio-enhancers, they enhance, among other things. the bioavailability and effectiveness of ingested vitamins, minerals, amino acids and secondary plant substances [6 and 7].

Naturally, no additives of any kind are used, such as sugar, colorants and preservatives, fillers and modified starch as a thickener or aluminum as a separating agent. This also sets Complete Forte apart from the majority of supposed alternatives.

Nature is clearly better here: vitamin E and methylcobalamin

The molecular structures of isolated and natural vitamin E are different. The natural vitamin E is clearly superior to the isolated one.

Natural vitamin E occurs in nature not only in the alpha, but also in a beta, gamma and delta form. In total, we know of at least 16 different forms of this vitamin in nature. Moreover, the isolated vitamin E form cannot be optimally utilized by the body. Therefore, we use natural vitamin E in this case. This is the only way we can meet our quality standards.

There are also significant differences in the quality of vitamin B12. Those who buy according to the motto „cheap is cool“ receive artificially produced cyanocobalamin. 95% of all vitamin B12 products use this cheap variant, which can hardly be absorbed by the body. We use the natural form, but go one step further: as with vitamin E, there are different variants of B12. We use a mixture of all three natural and bioactive forms of vitamin B12. In fact, all three fulfill completely different tasks in the body and have different focal points of action.

We see: A blanket assessment or classification does not do justice to the matter. Natural vitamins are not always better than vitamins produced under perfect conditions. It depends on the individual case. The important thing is to keep the goals in mind. In our case this means:

The best possible multivitamin for people in terms of health. This is exactly what we strive for.

II ­Observations

Vitamins – The vital team workers and all-rounders

As explained at the beginning, vitamins are useful in combination. Taking them individually does little, and if it does, then only in the short term. In the following, I would like to explain this using the example of calcium to strengthen the bones:
We all know the positive effect of the vital mineral calcium. In addition to the strength of bones and teeth, calcium also ensures the transmission of stimuli in nerves and muscles. It also plays an important role in stabilizing our cell membranes and blood clotting. The largest store of calcium in the body is represented by our skeleton [8].

Let‘s take a close look at this calcium in bone formation: to ensure effective bone formation and prevent blood vessels from calcifying or kidney stones from forming, vitamins D and K2 are also needed. Vitamin K2 transports calcium to the bone and vitamin D controls bone formation. However, vitamin D can only perform its control function if sufficient vitamin A is available. And without sufficient amounts of magnesium, vitamin D does not become active at all.

This highly simplified excerpt is intended to illustrate that it takes more than one vitamin or mineral to ensure normal body functions and prevent damage. For this reason, the combination of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and secondary plant substances makes sense in the long term.

Vitamin C – as indispensable as the air we breathe

Probably the best-known vitamin by far is vitamin C. It is not by chance that this vitamin has its first-class reputation; after all, it is a real all-rounder. While most animals produce vitamin C in their liver, the human body lacks the appropriate enzyme. Since our body cannot store it either, we have to take it regularly. This knowledge is not that old. While Arab seafarers worshipped the date palm and indulged in sun-ripened, long-lasting date fruits containing vitamin C [9], more European seafarers lost their lives due to a lack of vitamin C than at the hands of the enemy.

Most people today have probably heard of the deficiency disease scurvy. Symptoms include diarrhea, depression and fatigue, joint inflammation and muscle atrophy, bleeding gums and hair loss, severe fever and dizziness, and even blindness and finally an agonizing death from heart muscle weakness. For centuries, physicians tried to solve the problem, but it was not until the mid-18th century that James Cook achieved a breakthrough. The English ship‘s doctor James Lind had discovered that fresh fruit was effective against scurvy.

In addition to the dry rusks and dried meat that had been common on board until then, Cook introduced sauerkraut, orange juice and lemon juice as travel provisions. From then on, scurvy was no longer a major problem. After that, it took almost two more centuries until the Hungarian physician Albert Szent-Györgyi von Nagyrápolt isolated ascorbic acid (vitamin C) from plant extracts in the mid-1920s and was thus able to explain the cause of scurvy [10 and 11].

Vitamin C protects our cells against highly reactive and aggressive oxygen compounds, the so-called „free radicals“. These are produced on the one hand by the body‘s own metabolic processes and on the other hand by harmful external influences, such as UV radiation or various toxins. Free radicals are the cause of arteriosclerosis, arthritis, premature aging of the skin, cardiovascular diseases and various cancers. Their adversaries are the antioxidants. On their own, they are rather inconspicuous. In a team, however, they are true superheroes. They act as a mutually beneficial network and are both produced in the body (enzymes, hormones, metabolites) and ingested through foods and supplements (vitamins C and E, beta carotene, lycopene, zeaxanthin, selenium, and others) [12].

Vitamins C and E form a particularly powerful team, much like the movie heroes Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. The fat-soluble vitamin E acts as a radical scavenger, whereupon vitamin C renders the free radicals harmless and removes them. However, to reduce vitamin C to these functions would not do justice to the true greatness of this all-rounder. Other vitamins and minerals also only develop their full potential in conjunction with vitamin C. Vitamin C is involved in numerous physical and psychological functions. It is involved in numerous physical and mental processes in the body and fulfills a key function in the immune system.

Vitamin C in its most effective formm

We humans cannot produce ascorbic acid (vitamin C) ourselves, but it is vital to consume L-ascorbic acid. The vitamin C contained in natural foods, such as citrus fruits, is not a pure vitamin C. It is a vitamin that we take with other secondary plant substances. We take it with other secondary plant substances. Vitamin C often obtained in the laboratory by yeast fermentation, on the other hand, is pure vitamin C. Both forms have their raison d‘être and support the immune system.

However, research has shown that ascorbates are much better tolerated than ascorbic acid due to their alkaline buffering effect. They also have a pleasant taste. As a result, higher doses of vitamin C can be absorbed. Modern manufacturers of dietary supplements have adapted their product according to this knowledge.

Vitamin C is normally water soluble. Today, however, the fat-soluble ascorbyl palmitate is also used, which can pass the blood-brain barrier, giving even more effective results. By combining different forms of vitamin C, the level of effectiveness is increased tremendously because each form has its strengths and is effective in a specific area. Always being close to research and continuing to develop its product. This is what makes an excellent producer and offers the best quality to customers.

Vitamin D – The 007 sun hormone

The second best-known vitamin is vitamin D. In the fall of each year, it‘s time for the dark half of the year. Less sun means a much lower intake of vitamin D. Secretly, vitamin D is more like a hormone – with license to masquerade as a vitamin.

But why is that? People didn‘t know any better at the time, and change is just something some people have a hard time with. Since our body can form vitamin D itself under the influence of sunlight and does not necessarily have to be ingested with food like other vitamins, it represents a hormone precursor. But why do we need this fat-soluble hormone at all?

Vitamin D is involved in cell division [13] and regulates calcium, phosphate, muscle and bone metabolism [14]. In addition, the higher the vitamin D intake, the lower the risk of type 2 diabetes [14 and 15].

A vitamin D deficiency is manifested by fatigue, muscle weakness, depressed mood, susceptibility to infections and rickets. Vitamin D deficiency runs like a thread through the population and can lead to bone softening and osteoporosis, especially in the elderly [13]. Unfortunately, the fact that corona patients with good vitamin D supply have been shown to have a milder disease course [16] did not seem to be a significant approach politically in 2020 that was followed up accordingly. Prevention should therefore by no means be left to the governments of this world. The strategy of fear apparently fits better with the business model of the pharmaceutical companies, which are primarily interested in sales.

Those who believe that solarium visits in winter are sufficient to replace the missing sun rays are lulling themselves into a false sense of security. Unfortunately, the artificial lights produce UV-A and not the required UV-B rays, which is why this approach promises little success.

You may have also read this article „Vitamin D under criticism: a wonder drug loses its magic“ read here: [17].

It reports sobering study results. A typical case, because if you look at the studies mentioned in the original, the studies were conducted only with vitamin D. Those who study the subject in more detail know that vitamin D without K2 and calcium has no health benefits. It is a pity that so much money is spent on pointless individual studies. Often too low a dosage is used in studies when no positive results are found. Unfortunately, established medicine almost always looks for the Holy Grail in a single substance. It has never found it. It is found elsewhere: in the conscious combination of natural forces.

Those who know the A-B-C well also appreciate the zinc element

Another element with a key function is zinc. It is one of the most important trace elements in the human body. We harbor approx. 1.5 – 2.5 grams in us. Zinc is one of the indispensable vital substances of all living beings and, like vitamin C, must be supplied regularly through the diet due to its lack of storage capacity. Since it is involved in almost all metabolic processes, an optimal zinc supply should always be ensured. However, this is influenced and limited by many different factors. For example, the intake of supposedly sufficient zinc can lead to an insufficient amount being available to the body due to poor bioavailability. Whether antioxidant, growth, digestion, regeneration, immune defense, sensory functions, skin, hair, nails, acid-base balance, and more, zinc is involved everywhere and is found in more than 300 enzymes [18]. Life without zinc would not be possible.

However, not all zinc is the same. As already described with other vital substances, there are also significant differences in quality. I use zinc as organic zinc bisglycinate for my multivitamin. According to current research, this zinc compound is the one with the highest bioavailability.

The zinc here is bound to the amino acid glycine, which makes it much easier for the body to absorb. In a direct comparison with other zinc compounds, zinc bisglycinate shows up to 300% better absorption.

The vital trace element zinc influences more than 3000 proteins produced by the body. It is essential for maintaining the immune system, metabolism and fertility, for cell division and DNA synthesis, and for keeping our eyes healthy. What is misleading and problematic about this element is the information given about the recommended daily dose and how to take it:

It is often recommended to take zinc fasting [19]. However, this type of intake quickly leads to stomach pain, which is why I advise against it. The simultaneous intake of protein and zinc is particularly recommended, because only through the zinc can the amino acids develop their potential, such as muscle and bone formation.

The risk of zinc deficiency is particularly evident in children, adolescents, seniors, pregnant and lactating women, as well as athletes and vegetarians [20]. However, the following risk groups are also affected: Allergy and neurodermatitis sufferers, diabetics, and people with chronic inflammatory diseases.

Do I need nutritional supplements?

Short answer: Yes, if you like to be optimally supplied. No, if you like to be satisfied with the minimum. You often read that nutritional supplements are superfluous in a balanced diet. I see it like this: As far as calories, especially carbohydrates, are concerned, we are oversupplied. The opposite is true for vital substances. If you want to be optimally supplied with vital substances through your diet, you have to prepare unprocessed, local and seasonal organic food at least twice a day in a healthy way. Of course, not only on weekends, when it is convenient, but in everyday life, every day, and in the long term. As fresh, varied and colorful as possible. The cultivation, origin, storage, processing and preparation of food have an influence on the nutrients and vital substances they contain that should not be underestimated. It is possible, for example, that a food that we consider to be beneficial to our health suddenly no longer provides the desired benefits because it contains residues of pesticides, for example, or has already lost its vitamins due to overstorage or insufficiently gentle preparation. In this case, nutrition tables do not really help us. Normal everyday life also leaves little scope for always adapting one‘s diet optimally and in detail to one‘s needs and to be well supplied all round. Weekly blood samples to check the values are not very practical.

A private chef and a private doctor who only takes care of you could do something like that. Much simpler and cheaper is the Act & Relax principle already described.

Vital substances – The operating system of our body

Just as the operating system of a computer must be programmed correctly in order to work in an error-free and stable manner, we program our body through the supply of vital substances. In this context, it is important that you, as a consumer of nutritional supplements, choose a trustworthy provider who focuses on continuous quality improvement by adapting its formula according to current scientific expertise. Your computer will also regularly receive new updates that contribute to its optimization.

Now if the potential is so great, why do the big pharmaceutical companies have little interest in vital substances? Vitamins – whether in the form of fresh fruit or as highly purified food supplements are inexpensive. Unlike drugs, natural substances cannot be patented. Thus, the price cannot be arbitrarily increased and these substances are consequently not profitable enough for the multinational pharmaceutical companies.

However, since their main focus is on selling profitable drugs for which they can set the prices themselves, they influence politics through their lobbying power. Together, fears are then stirred up and sets of rules are drawn up in order to keep the market for vital substances as small as possible and to promote the sale of drugs, some of which are useless.

For a long time I thought this was a conspiracy theory. After more than 20 years of experience and success with vital substances, I know that many civilization diseases and medications would be superfluous if the focus were not on medicinal symptom treatment, but on an optimal supply of vital substances – or if vital substances would at least play a much greater role than they currently do.

An example: In 1998, the three Americans Furchgott, Ignarro and Murad received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of the blood pressure-lowering effect of the amino acid arginine [21]. To this day, this discovery is not exploited by classical medicine, since natural substances are not patentable. Much to the patient‘s chagrin, because arginine is 100% natural, causes no side effects and is extremely inexpensive. In our Complete Forte you do not have to do without arginine.

Vital substances help decide how you feel

The supply of vital substances to our body has a decisive influence on our well-being and mood. This is because the substances that influence our feelings are produced directly from vital substances in the body.

An insufficient supply can therefore result in listlessness and a bad mood. Many people are not aware of these connections and neglect this very simple possibility to go through life with more joy. So if you prefer serenity and a balanced emotional state, you would be well advised to strive for the optimum of a vital substance supply.

In particular, the three neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin and gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA for short) have a direct effect on our central nervous system and ensure a greater sense of well-being if there is enough of them in our body.

To achieve and promote this, we need certain amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
Dopamine has a positive effect on our motivation and serves as a mood elevator. In order to use this, the body needs the amino acid tyrosine. However, this is not the end of the story, because vitamin B6 and zinc must also be present.

The situation is similar with serotonin, which ensures serenity and contentment. For its formation, the essential amino acid tryptophan is needed. Without vitamins B3 and B6, the mineral magnesium and the trace element zinc, however, this substance also remains ineffective.

For the formation of GABA, which reduces stress and promotes relaxation, the amino acid glutamine is needed in combination with vitamin B6.

The individual steps involved in the formation of dopamine, serotonin and GABA are chemically complex and belong to the scientific field of biochemistry. Of course, you do not need to understand these processes in detail. My concern is to point out the practical effects of a lack of the above-mentioned vital substances. By the way, if even one of the above vital substances is missing, the chemical transformations cannot take place and the substance cannot be formed.

Conventional medical disease treatment and alternatives

A doctor-to-be goes into his studies and practical training with good intentions. The studies are hard and exhausting. He wants to help people and has plenty of good intentions. Then he is thrown into an existing system that is not primarily aimed at healing, but is tightly organized like a company whose main purpose is to make money.

Rarely will you find a doctor who really knows about dietary supplements and can give you information about bioavailability or optimal dosage, because at best he uses them himself and can pass on experience values instead of manufacturer information.

The attitude of these doctors is absolutely comprehensible and understandable to me. After a long period of study, a doctor has to earn money. The easiest way is then to take the path that has been taught to you for years. A doctor is expected to do a lot and at the same time he enjoys a high reputation among the population. People ask him for advice every day and he grows with his tasks. This results in a dilemma: the expectations of his competence increase. How does a doctor deal with questions to which he himself does not know the answer because he has only insufficiently dealt with the subject? He probably feels obliged to give an answer to everything; after all, in the eyes of many of his patients, his expert status depends precisely on this.

If you don‘t know something, it‘s right and important to admit it. Traditional doctors often don‘t know about dietary supplements, but pretend to know about supposed dangers. My advice is to visit doctors who have really studied the subject. Good places to go for information are real experts like Dr. Strunz or Dr. Spitzbart.

Classical orthodox medicine has its absolute justification in emergencies and operations. However, its weakness lies in the treatment of chronic civilization diseases and in prevention, which is so incredibly important.

Medication in abundance

In Germany, 30% of adults take 1 to 2 medications and 23% even 3 or more medications regularly and permanently [22]. Sales in the German pharmaceutical industry have almost doubled in the last 20 years and today amount to approximately 46 billion euros [23].

The so-called „peripherally acting analgesics“ [24], also commonly referred to as painkillers, are in great demand and probably represented in every medicine cabinet. Among the most popular representatives is paracetamol [25]. A recently published study shows that the use of paracetamol leads to increased risk-taking or reduced anxiety [26]. In many everyday situations, such as in traffic, this is not a good idea.

Pain, let go

8.3 million Germans take headache tablets every day. That is 10% of the total population. If one converts the consumption of headache medication to the population, it results that each German swallows 37 tablets per year [35]. Painkillers seem to be extremely popular among women in particular [36].

Painkillers make you feel the pain less, but the cause of the pain is still there. This is not about treating the cause, but treating the symptoms. Pain is important because it is the body‘s own warning and protective mechanism.

Take these signals seriously and always investigate the causes before taking action.
It is not uncommon for pain to be treated with medication. When taken regularly, gastrointestinal bleeding is common, as well as, ironically, headaches. Acetaminophen decreased the ability to empathize with others in an Ohio University study [37].

But are harmful painkillers without an alternative? Of course not.

For inflammation and associated pain, curcumin, found in turmeric, is a good pain reliever. Probiotics also achieved impressive results in pain patients after several weeks of use. The intake of magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids has also proven effective.

Both are anti-inflammatory, so omega-3 is used for neck and back pain, for example [38].

Turmeric, probiotics and magnesium are essential ingredients of our unique multivitamin Complete Forte. High-quality omega-3 fish oil capsules are also available from us.

Cholesterol treatment

Millions of people take them every day: We‘re talking about statins. They are supposed to lower the cholesterol level in the blood – and they do. However, taking statins can be associated with considerable side effects. Muscle pain to an increased risk of diabetes are just some of the problems associated with them. Cholesterol is essential for life and most of the body‘s cells produce it themselves. Our brain is made up of 10% cholesterol. The transport of cholesterol in the blood occurs through lipoproteins [27]. LDL cholesterol is such a lipoprotein, i.e. a fat-protein compound that enables water-insoluble substances to be transported from the liver to the body‘s cells. There it is then used for hormone production and cell membrane building. However, too high a concentration of LDL can lead to vascular calcification [28]. The good counterpart of the evil LDL is HDL cholesterol. It transports cholesterol in the opposite direction, namely from the body cells to the liver, where it can be broken down. In this way, it counteracts vascular calcification [29]. These two opponents are therefore in constant battle with each other and thus determine your state of health.

Large-scale studies have long since shown that taking magnesium has exactly the same effects as statins: lowering LDL cholesterol; reducing heart attacks, strokes, angina, etc. [30]. So, why doesn‘t your trusted physician prescribe magnesium? Unfortunately, this remedy does not appear in his database at all. The same problem as described at the beginning: Unlike the products of the pharmaceutical industry, the vital mineral magnesium cannot be patented and is also much cheaper than corresponding drugs.

In the end, changing one‘s own lifestyle is a far more sensible step than hoping for salvation in pill form. A healthy diet, plenty of exercise, a healthy body weight, and avoiding alcohol and nicotine are efficient measures to keep the body healthy [27; 28; 29]. If you want to achieve the optimum, you should provide your body with all the vital substances it needs on a daily basis.

The widespread disease diabetes mellitus

Surely you know someone who suffers from the metabolic disorder diabetes. In Germany alone, more than 8 million people suffer from this disease. Unfortunately, the trend is upward [31]. But what exactly does this actually mean? Basically, there are two types:

1. type 1 diabetes: genetically determined autoimmune disease. Heritability is the highest risk, so this type often appears at a young age [32].

2. type 2 diabetes: this type affects the vast majority of diabetics (about 90-95%). It tends to manifest at an advanced age [33].

While diabetes type 1 is currently classified as incurable and results in an absolute lack of insulin and thus lifelong injections of this hormone [33], the fate of developing type 2 is in your hands.

As with type 1, there is a familial predisposition to type 2. However, this only comes to light when other factors are added. Obesity and lack of exercise or an unhealthy lifestyle – usually already at a young age – are possible causes [32].

Amputations, blindness, kidney damage and a tripling of the risk of stroke are just some of the concomitant and secondary diseases that can significantly reduce the quality of life and life expectancy of type 2 diabetes patients [31].

The disease often progresses insidiously, which is why those affected hardly notice a growing insulin resistance. The sugar, which is supposed to enter the cells with the help of the insulin produced in the pancreas, remains more and more in the blood. The cells no longer absorb enough. The hormone insulin normally lowers blood sugar, but now it accumulates [32]. Fatigue, lack of concentration, listlessness and dizziness are possible symptoms that, in the worst case, can end in a diabetic coma [34]. To counter insulin resistance, the pancreas produces more insulin. However, the cells continue to deny proper uptake due to insulin resistance, and so insulin production declines sharply until an absolute deficiency occurs [32].

If you want to counteract this downward spiral, your diet and lifestyle should be geared toward health. A healthy life includes healthy cells and in order for them to perform their tasks in the best possible way, your body needs all vital nutrients on a daily basis.


As I have already explained in the first chapters of the book, I myself suffered from neurodermatitis for many years of my life, until my self-developed, high-dose vital substance formula, which can be found further developed in Complete Forte today, provided relief and finally healing. But why had the vital substances been able to help me?

According to Wikipedia, the causes of atopic eczema (neurodermatitis) are not yet fully understood. Experts see in the complex disease process and its very individual course an interplay of genetic factors and immunological changes. The immune system of a neurodermatitis patient is not in balance. It is constantly tense and overreacts. This is manifested by inflammatory skin reactions. This is exactly where our range comes into play. It supplies the body with 47 vital substances of the highest quality to help the immune system regain its balance. Because a healthy immune system needs all vital substances in sufficient quantities, and for neurodermatitis in particular, the following substances are recommended above all:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids – Preventing inflammation and eczema. Fish oil capsules, which have a high content of EPA and DHA, are a good choice here and can support the daily diet.
  • Glutamine – This amino acid provides support for the formation of intestinal mucosa.
  • Calcium – Minimization of allergic reactions
  • Magnesium – Reduction of allergy sensitivity
  • Selenium – Reduction of neurodermatitis especially in children proven
  • Vitamin B – Support for the development of the intestinal mucosa
  • Vitamin C – Regulation of the fatty acid balance and antihistamines.
  • Vitamin E – Immune regulation and antioxidant
  • Zinc – Immunoregulator + Antiallergic

Documented these investigations can be found in: Burgerstein, U. P.; Schurgast, H.; Zimmermann, M. (2007). Handbook of nutrients. 11th edition, Haug Verlag.

You will find all these substances in our products – except for the omega 3 fatty acids, which are mainly represented in our fish oil capsules, all others are contained in Complete Forte.

Neurodermatitis – a tour de force for the whole family

The word neurodermatitis is composed of „neuron“ (Greek) – the nerve, „derma“ – the skin and „itis“ – the inflammation. The latter two terms can be explained by the visually perceptible manifestation. It is important to investigate the cause of the disease and here a look at „the nerves“ seems to make sense. If neurodermatitis occurs in children, this is particularly hard. Parents often quickly reach their limits and due to the diverse manifestations of the disease, professional support is an important step.

With all the care for your child, you should not forget yourself. As parents, you play a crucial role in your child‘s health. Be sure to remember that stress and hectic schedules can also be transmitted to those around you. Ask yourself: Are there stressful situations in your life? Do you take enough time out and allow yourself relaxation periods? What about your nutrition? Are you always optimally supplied?

Diet-related causes of disease

You are certainly aware of a number of facts about malnutrition, as the topic is increasingly the focus of media attention. However, one cause of disease still gets off too easy, perhaps because it has us all firmly in its grip: Sugar.

Sugar is one of the most dangerous drugs consumed worldwide and in high demand. Addiction to it is often compared to that of cocaine and heroin, because the brain reacts very similarly to it [41]. Anyone who has tried to eliminate all obviously added sugar from their diet knows about the body‘s strong craving for it.

Sugar – a sweet temptation with consequences

„Oh, how sad life would be
if there were no more sugar.
Children would have no joy,
no more desire to play […]
Oh, how life would be ugly,
If there were no more sugar.
Such a pretty young girl,
would be chubby, round and heavy [42].

This is how advertising for the sweet temptation sounded as recently as the 1950s. By the 1990s, it had long been clear that sugar was not an effective means of weight loss. Advertising adjusted to this and became focused on emotions instead. „With sugar, life laughs“[43] was then the slogan – a deceptive message, as any diabetic will assure you.

Sugar has over 50 names; hardly anyone can identify at first glance on an ingredient list everything as sugar that is actually sugar. This is precisely why food manufacturers use an extensive vocabulary: Fructose, lactose, galactose, isoglucose and other „-ose“, corn syrup, thick juice, malt, barley malt extract, maltodextrin and many more. [44].

Sugar is one of the most popular flavor enhancers and also one of the most popular socially accepted drugs. The WHO recommends a daily intake of no more than 25 g, but our addiction tempts us to consume about 100 g per capita every day. Many millions of people suffer from this in a variety of ways. Obesity and diabetes are common health consequences of excessive consumption [45]. Millions of people die from the consequences of a high-sugar diet. Yet, almost nothing is happening politically to reduce sugar consumption in the population.

For this reason, I recommend: Be your own role model. Radically reduce your sugar consumption and do something good for yourself and your health. Already when buying your food, look for a low total sugar content and prefer products with the label „no added sugar“. Forgo the sweet Christmas platter and lavish binges of pastries and cakes during the holiday season. Eat more fresh and sustainably produced vegetables every day instead of fructose-laden fruit. Swap fruit juices for vegetable juices or make tasty vegetable smoothies for a change. Good blenders for this make a great Christmas gift for the whole family.

Merry Merry Sweetness

Have you ever noticed the words „contains a source of phenylalanine“ on a food package? Sounds exciting, but what exactly is that supposed to tell you? You‘ve probably bought a food that has a sweet taste, yet is sugar-free. Phenylalanine is a vital amino acid that occurs naturally in many foods and also in breast milk. The sweetener, which is broken down into phenylalanine, among other things, during digestion is called aspartame [46] and has a sweetening power approximately 200 times greater than a three to four percent sucrose-sugar solution. You are certainly familiar with the small sweetener tablets in the convenient dosing dispenser that are available everywhere – that is aspartame.

There are currently 11 sweeteners approved in the EU. Cyclamate (30-50 sweetening power); saccharin (300-500 sweetening power); sucralose (7,000-13,000 sweetening power) and several other sweeteners, which are constantly being reviewed and re-evaluated. Some are suspected of being harmful to health or even carcinogenic. Sucralose, for example, should not be heated, while aspartame and acesulfame have been shown in animal studies to interfere with fat and energy metabolism. In addition, it has been shown that sweeteners change the intestinal flora in a very short time in such a way that increased bacteria appeared that release carbohydrates and thus increase blood glucose levels [47]. The popular sweeteners are therefore unlikely to be suitable dietary products for the time being.

Stevia – The sugar alternative?

A veritable cult has developed around the Paraguayan sweet leaf called stevia: sweets from Mother Nature instead of from the big factory. Unfortunately, this is a fallacy. To get the sweetener out of the leaves, aluminum salts, synthetic ion exchangers, absorber resins and various alcohols are used [48]. Because of this chemical treatment, the so-called „steviol glycosides“ do not receive organic approval, as their extraction is far from natural.

The better and possibly healthier solution is a real change in diet. Don‘t replace sugar with sweetener, but reduce confectionery wherever possible. Even if it seems hard at first – your body is a true master of adaptation and will soon stop asking for the extra portion of sweetness.

III ­Solutions

The Viptamin – product range

If you have read this brochure carefully up to this point, you are now probably curious to know what has emerged from my decades of research and testing. I have transferred the experience gained from this into my products. I would like to present these to you in more detail below.



Viptamin Complete Forte – The daily portion of vital substances

The flagship of my company is the worldwide unique Multivitamin Complete Forte. What makes this product so special and how does it differ from other products on the market?

Viptamin Complete Forte offers a harmonious all-round supply. That means you buy a premium product with high-quality, highly active and highly dosed vital substances. This ensures that all bodily functions run normally, the immune system does its work and thus makes an important contribution to keeping the body healthy.

Only exclusive and vegan raw materials are used for the extraordinary composition of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins, antioxidants, secondary plant substances as well as fruits, vegetables and spices. We ensure that our product has the highest purity and is free of additives such as release agents, colorants, sweeteners, artificial preservatives, lactose, cereals, genetically modified organisms, and others.

Appearance or reality – Which do you prefer?

Do you know „fillers“? We encounter them mainly in processed foods and dietary products, but also in pharmaceutical products. True to the motto mass instead of class, cellulose, glycerin or gum from acacia trees are used. In medicines, it is often lactose, glucose and starch that are used.

The philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach once coined the saying „You are what you eat.“ This man was absolutely right, because even our genetic makeup is influenced by what we eat [49]. But why digress, let‘s stay in the here and now: If I feed my body substances of the lowest quality, how can I expect my body to perform at its best?

Fillers are food additives. They increase the volume or change the structure of food. They do not make a positive contribution to our diet. On the contrary, fillers are indigestible and can even block the absorption of nutrients [50].

It is better to look for quality already when shopping and avoid products that are artificially bloated and highly processed. Personally, I avoid fillers in my diet as well as in my products because I value the highest quality and purity and do not like unnecessary additives with corresponding E-numbers.

Little packaging, a lot of content – The Complete Forte Formula

I would like to give some more information about the ingredients, because they are the core of the product. In Complete Forte you will find a bioactive vitamin B complex with active coenzyme forms + CDP choline, which improves brain performance[51], betaine, which prevents atherosclerosis [52] and myo-inositol, which has a positive effect on fat and blood sugar and state of mind [53].

In addition, it contains a vitamin C plus complex consisting of naturally fermented vitamin C including berry polyphenols & citrus bioflavanoids for increased bioavailability. Fat-soluble vitamin C is also present, which is also active in the brain. Cheap ascorbic acid, which can quickly lead to acidosis does not correspond to our philosophy of quality.

Our vitamin D3 is extracted from lichen in a complex and costly process and is vegan, as is the entire product. You will not find this in average supplements. We also pay attention to the highest quality standards for our vitamin K2. For this reason, we use only natural vitamin K2 all-trans, which is extracted from Nattō, a traditional Japanese food, and has the highest bioavailability.

In addition, Complete Forte contains a natural, cell-protecting vitamin E complex consisting of RRR alpha-tocopherol to protect skeletal muscle, the nervous system, red blood cells, and against tumor cells [54], as well as all tocotrienols. Basically, tocotrienols act as antioxidants just like tocopherols and thus protect the immune system. However, tocotrienols exhibit up to 60-fold higher antioxidant activity [55].

Since antioxidants are so enormously important for health, we have packed plenty of them into our product in the form of beta-carotene and turmeric, through zinc bisglycinate, selenium, OPC from premium grape seeds and resveratrol, to lycopene and flavonoids. In addition, polyphenols and catechins from berries and green tea also appear in it as natural secondary plant compounds with antioxidant potential. Our vegetables used are all of organic quality.

In addition to two other forms of vitamin B12, we naturally use the active and natural form methylcobalamin, which is also detectable in the bloodstream. B12 that is not immediately needed is conveniently stored in the liver, from where it can be retrieved at any time. Vitamin B12 is essential for life and is involved in blood formation and cell division as well as in metabolic processes. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to neurological disorders, depressive moods, memory impairment and attention deficits [56].

The essential amino acids in Complete Forte are obtained from fermentation and are 100% vegan. Zinc and copper are present as highly bioavailable amino acid chelates. Manganese and chromium are present as highly available organic salts. Since different metabolic pathways are addressed by our product, there is little inhibition of absorption.

However, Viptamin Complete Forte is more than a supplement of high quality essential vital substances. It also incorporates medicinal plants with great potential.
One example is the spice plant turmeric (turmeric), also known as Indian saffron. It originated in tropical India, where it has been used for centuries as a culinary and medicinal plant in the traditional Indian healing system Ayurveda. In Europe, turmeric first gained great popularity in monastic medicine before later finding its way into domestic kitchens [57].

On food packaging, the colorant and additive curcumin is indicated as E 100, which means the synthetic form [58]. I naturally use the natural spice turmeric and not an isolate for my product.

Peppercorns contain the alkaloid piperine, while turmeric contains the active ingredient complex curcumin in its rhizome – both are high-quality, plant-based enhancers. They enhance the absorption and efficacy of ingested vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and secondary plant compounds [59; 60].

In addition, these enhancers are the subject of current research. For example, the anti-inflammatory mechanism of action of curcumin and an anti-growth effect on cancer cells have been demonstrated [61; 62]. In addition to an antioxidant effect, turmeric also lowers cholesterol and is also good for the cardiovascular system and a proven remedy for eye diseases [63].

Turmeric is well tolerated as a spice. Since it is not water soluble, you should always take a little fat when consuming it. We have also thought of this, because in our Complete Forte you will find some organic coconut oil for this reason, among others. The bioavailability and thus the effect of curcumin can be increased twentyfold, according to a study from 1986, if it is taken together with piperine, an active ingredient from black pepper. You guessed it : this is also in organic quality in our Forte.

A healthy gut is a prerequisite

A healthy person always has a healthy intestinal flora and this is also the prerequisite for a good absorption of vital substances.

For decades, this topic was scientifically neglected or only treated stepmotherly. In the meantime, we know that every person has an individual intestinal microbiome. It is populated with over 30 trillion microorganisms [64].

The intestine is our longest organ. It is largely responsible for our energy supply, regulates the water balance in the body, protects us from pathogens and produces hormones and 30 messenger substances that are necessary for the nervous system to exchange information between the brain and the intestine [65].

So, in principle, the gut is the brain of our gut. For this reason, the proverbial gut decisions are also a not so far-fetched means of decision making.

Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach? Were they hard to digest? Did they hit you in the stomach? These and several other metaphors have become established in our linguistic usage over the course of time. This also illustrates the importance of the subject in the lives of us humans.

With two to three kilograms of bacteria in constantly changing composition in the intestine, this system can quickly become unbalanced [64]. Whether bloating or flatulence, constipation, bloating or lack of strength and drive: the cause can lie in the wrong ratio of good and bad bacteria.

However, communication from the brain to the intestine is not a one-way street. Experiments have shown that the gut also influences our brain and our emotional state. In a probiotics trial, it was found that subjects who consumed probiotics were more stress-resistant, less prone to anxiety and more relaxed than the control group without probiotics [66].

To promote colonization with good bacteria in the intestine, I have added four very important probiotics in Viptamin Multivitamin Complete Forte:

    L. acidophilus: this is found in healthy vaginal flora [67].

    S. thermophilus: relieves diarrhea associated with antibiotic administration [68].

    B. bifidum: Impedes the living conditions of disease-causing microorganisms [69].

    L. bulgaricus: Has an anti-inflammatory effect [70].

Prefer gentle methods of preparation and take time for eating. Eat a high-fiber diet and drink plenty of water throughout the day [64].

Tastes differ, and that is a good thing

Although the vast majority of my customers are completely satisfied with my products, there are occasionally critical words about the taste of our Multivitamin Complete Forte. In particular, the high turmeric content unfortunately does not always meet with a positive response from the taste buds in the consumer‘s oral mucosa.

A well-known saying goes: „There‘s no accounting for taste“ and that‘s exactly how I see it. Everyone has personal tastes, preferences and habits. To tamper with these and to persuade someone that something has to taste good is contrary to my values. In my opinion, it is much more effective to show ways of subsequently adapting the taste to the individual. On the one hand, this can be done by adjusting the mixing ratio and, on the other, by choosing a perfect mixing partner.

Most customers put the powder in a shaker every day and mix it with water until ready to eat. I love variety, have consequently tried a lot and would like to share with you my favorites, which affect the taste of the drink enormously: Dairy drinks, milk substitutes, (soy, oat, nut and almond milks), fruit juices of any kind or mixed in with your morning cereal.

Best of all, an oat milk cocoa changed, or masked the current taste. If you would like to try this once, please feel free to contact my customer service: 0178-4881809 and you will receive a free pack to try.

My focus in every optimization of the product is still on the best possible and careful composition of high-quality and health-promoting ingredients. I am primarily concerned with achieving the optimal interaction of vital substances and not with the creation of a fancy lifestyle product. For this reason, I also refrain from adding sweeteners, sugars, additives, cereals and dairy products. Of course, our vegan multivitamin also comes without any genetic engineering or animal testing. After all, it is not meant to harm anyone. Healthy natural substances often taste bitter, whereas the sweet substances very often have high sugar contents and can cause many kinds of diseases. With beetroot we have found an ideal vegetable, which has a high added value for your health and also rounds off the taste.

Do not imagine the production of our Complete Forte too technical. There is a lot of manual work in the whole process. I firmly believe that good cooperation is built above all on trust and fairness. I try to maintain this along the entire production chain and also communicate it clearly to my customers. So Viptamin stands not only for excellent product and process quality, but also for responsibility and good social interaction.

Bio Protein – Valuable amino acids for the body

Since it is not possible to pack as much valuable protein into Viptamin Complete Forte as we need, I have made it into a separate product known as Viptamin Bio Protein.

But why do we need protein? About 17% of our body weight is proteins. They form the basic building blocks of all the cells in our body. Our skin and hair, our muscles, our organs and some hormones are made of proteins. In the body, there is a constant building, breaking down and remodeling of proteins. The liver can only store proteins to a very limited extent, which is why a daily protein intake is important [71].

Proteins are composed of amino acids. For the human body, 21 amino acids are relevant. Of these, we cannot form nine ourselves, so we have to eat them. One of these nine is tryptophan. Tryptophan is the sun in the amino acid universe because it influences our social behavior and well-being. It lowers aggression and provides relaxation. It has antidepressant effects and enhances memory [72].

Although you may never have encountered tryptophan as a word, you have most certainly heard of the happiness hormone serotonin. Serotonin is formed from tryptophan and our body can produce this itself, provided we always supply it well with tryptophan [73].

The same applies to protein supply: always pay attention to quality. Prefer an organically produced product and pay attention to the amino acid profile. In order to convert the ingested protein into the body‘s own protein, all essential amino acids must be present in sufficient quantities, otherwise the entire process will not work.

Our Bio-Protein goes through a complex filtration process called „Cross-Flow Ultrafiltration“. This technically most sophisticated filtration principle was – like most discoveries of science – copied from nature: The ultra-fine pores of the filter membranes are exactly the same size as the pores of the cell membranes in human body cells. These primarily allow valuable nutrients to pass through. The majority of pollutants are optimally filtered out. In addition, our protein is cold processed. Similar to high-quality cold-pressed oils, certain ingredients are destroyed in warm or hot processes. Proteins are also very sensitive to heat: valuable amino acids and peptides are destroyed at high heat. The three-dimensional molecules fold up and become indigestible. Only gentle cold processing preserves the structures in their natural form.

Natural Alpha Lipoid Acid

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a natural substance that occurs as a coenzyme in the mitochondria. It plays an important role in energy metabolism. It is a sulfur-containing fatty acid, which the human body produces itself to a small extent and absorbs for the most part through the diet, or through dietary supplements.

ALA is one of the strong antioxidants and also interacts with other antioxidants such as vitamins C and E and Q10 to regenerate them. Due to its strong antioxidant effect, it is an extremely popular agent in medicine. Thus, it is used in diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases (e.g., Alzheimer‘s or Parkinson‘s disease), autoimmune diseases, cancer, and AIDS [74]. In addition, ALA delays the feeling of hunger and, along with Q10, is the subject of dietary studies [75]. ALA is a real multi-talent that protects your immune system and thus makes a valuable contribution to your internal defenses.

Ubiquinol Q10

Enzymes are composed of proteins. In our body, they are responsible, among other things, for various metabolic processes such as digestion, information transfer and the energy metabolism of the cells [76]. About 2/3 of all enzymes require additional cofactors. These are mostly metal ions such as iron ions, copper ions or zinc ions. These are bound to the enzymes and ensure that the enzyme properly performs its tasks [77].

In addition, there are also the coenzymes that assist the enzymes in their work. Some coenzymes are formed with the help of essential vitamins. While the fat-soluble vitamins can be stored, all water-soluble vitamins (with the exception of B12) are excreted very quickly. Therefore, it is all the more important to replenish one‘s vitamin reserves in the body on a daily basis. Coenzyme Q10 was discovered and described as early as the late 1950s. Since coenzymes Q10 are in fact present in all cells of humans, animals, plants and bacteria, they have been aptly named ubiquinones („ubique“ = Latin for „everywhere“) [78]. The micronutrient coenzyme Q10 is only activated and made usable by conversion in the body. Later, the active form called „ubiquinol“ is present in the body itself. Ubiquinol is attributed with many positive influences on our state of health: physical performance and regenerative capacity; vitality & heart health; immune defense & stress resistance and much more [79].


Fat unjustly has a bad image. Those who study fat more intensively discover a great world: fat is a carrier of flavor, stores energy, and if you know what to look for, fat is extremely healthy.

In principle, all fatty acids are energy donors and vitamin carriers for the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K [80 and 81].

The two polyunsaturated and essential fatty acids linoleic (omega-6 fatty acid) and linolenic (omega-3 fatty acid) are of particularly valuable importance for human nutrition [82]. They are needed to build cell membranes and ensure their elasticity. Therefore, the two used to be called vitamin F.

Less healthy is consumption of large amounts of saturated fatty acids, as found mainly in animal foods. These can contribute to membranes losing their ability to function and respond [83].

The correct ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids is important. While omega-3 has an anti-inflammatory function in the body, high amounts of omega-6 fatty acids promote inflammation [84].

Linolenic acid is converted in the body to eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). EPA protects against thrombosis and inflammation, promotes blood clotting, and lowers blood pressure and blood lipid levels. DHA is needed for the formation of structural lipids of the brain. DHA – deficiency leads to growth disorders and undesirable skin changes [83].

The beneficial properties of omega-3 fatty acids in chronic inflammation on fat and cholesterol levels, on the brain and our nervous system, as well as for visual function and the cardiovascular and immune systems have been confirmed in numerous studies [85].

Are you aware that 30% of your brain is made up of omega-3 fats and that your eating habits determine how well your brain performs? Did you know that omega-3 fats are good for your tissue hormones and heart health, significantly reducing the risk of heart attack and arrhythmias [86]?

If you knew both, you are already providing your body with omega-3 on a daily basis right now. If not, now is the latest time to start.

Since polyunsaturated fatty acids oxidize quickly and consequently acquire a rancid odor, they are not suitable as an ingredient for my Viptamine Complete Forte. For this reason, I offer it separately.

The cold cure – The healthy gift of nature 

Have you heard the saying, „A cold comes for three days, stays for three days, goes for three days“? Although my math teacher wasn‘t all happy about me, when I add it up I come up with a total of 9 days of colds. Whenever I hear this wisdom, I have to smile. Why? Well, I put together a natural powder with 56 vital ingredients that is taken for just three days – the Viptamin 3-Day Cold Cure.

The mixture of natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as amino acids and extracts from fruits and vegetables strengthens your immune system. For early cold symptoms, simply add a sachet of powder to the shaker and shake vigorously with a large portion of water. Ready is the make-my-immune-system-strong-drink.

If you act in time, you will achieve the best results and save yourself a lot of stress. Of course, you can also take the usual medications with decongestant and expectorant active ingredients and buy combination products from well-known pharmaceutical companies, only to come to the conclusion: „A cold comes for three days, stays for three days, goes for three days“, – whether with or without medication. Of course, I cannot promise you any miracles either. Especially not if you start taking it late. The cold cure is an expression of prevention that has become powder, entirely based on the wisdom explained at the beginning that problems are easier to avoid than to solve.


Minimum or optimum – the choice is yours

We read recommendations of the German Nutrition Society (DGE) and consume in good conscience the daily amount of nutrients that are recommended to us as a minimum. In the most unfortunate case, this fixed value is also confused with a recommended optimum. A fatal misunderstanding for our health. Anyone who takes a closer look at a healthy lifestyle inevitably asks the question: Is this specified minimum sufficient in any way? Do I still need nutritional supplements if I go beyond the minimum?

These are legitimate and correct questions, which I would like to clarify in conclusion.

Are you satisfied with the minimum when it comes to providing your body with vitamins, or are you curious and interested in what your health might feel like when you are optimally supplied with vitamins?

From Oscar Wilde comes the saying, „To really live, that is the rarest thing in the world. Most people, however, only exist“ [87]. Written 150 years ago, the quote is still relevant and also applies to the good supply of nutrients.

Many have already recognized that not all vegetables are the same and are confronted with an uncomfortable question: How do I get my nutrients now? Then, when it comes to dietary supplements, people like to discuss and philosophize. „No, too unnatural,“ is the frequent answer to the question of whether they are suitable for filling supply gaps.

My answer: give them a try. Don‘t let the media or society tell you what is currently considered good and what is bad, what is natural and what is not. You can see that even fruits and vegetables have hardly retained anything of their original naturalness, even though they taste good and enjoy the image of a vitamin bomb. If journalists or critical consumers had not questioned the facts, we would not now know many things about which we now naturally shake our heads.

The worst thing is and remains: not trying out anything new and sticking to the old, unquestioned opinion. Shaking our heads after the scandalous report, but then not taking action. That is suppression at the expense of one‘s own health. Admitting your own experiences and trying out new things can change things for the better. So even with supplements, I advise personal fact-checking through experience rather than not questioning outdated beliefs. And as with everything else, of course, to trust your own senses. You say now: Well, of course he sees it that way, because he also wants to sell his products. After reading this booklet, you will know the motive behind my 6 products: To improve my own health, after searching for outstanding vital substances and finding none. Now they are available in the form of Viptamine. Try it out.


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The benefits of protein are underestimated – Part 1

The benefits of protein are underestimated - Part 1

Protein is the most underrated nutrient in our diet. It gives strength, energy and vitality. We should always ensure a sufficient supply, otherwise deficiency symptoms occur, such as fatigue and physical weakness. Our immune system is figuratively about 2 kilos of protein distributed in the body. Find out why its benefits are so great and what you can do to benefit from it here  .

What is protein and what makes it?

Protein is composed of amino acids, of which there are a total of 20 different ones. 8 of them have to be taken in through food, because our organism cannot produce them itself.

Vegans, dieters, the elderly and people with allergies or metabolic disorders are often affected by protein deficiency The body then uses its own reserves from skin, hair, muscles and bones.

This can go on for years without symptoms, but not in the long run. At some point, the deficiency becomes noticeable through thinning hair, severe wrinkling and muscle atrophy, as well as:

People over 50 often have less appetite, problems with chewing or digestion. At the same time, the metabolism slows down. They use less energy and consequently absorb fewer nutrients, although the need for amino acids and other vital substances is not reduced. A protein deficiency is virtually pre-programmed if you are not aware of the issue.

Requirements for a good protein

For a supplement to work optimally, it must meet certain requirements. It should:

– · come from a high quality source
– · be produced without heat
– · do not contain additives and impurities
– · If possible be available in organic quality

Only then can it really contribute to more vitality, well-being and increased performance.

The confusing variety of commercially available remedies on the market

The range of protein preparations is almost unmanageable and the ingredients are often encoded by an incomprehensible nomenclature (e.g. E-numbers). How is one supposed to find one’s way around and distinguish quality from window dressing? 

Please no additives

For good effectiveness, it is particularly important that the product does not contain any synthetic chemical additives. Additions, such as:

– Flavours
– xanthan gum
– sodium cyclamate
– acesulfame K
– saccharin
– sucralose
– Dextrose and
– colourings

are not only unnecessary, but can even be harmful to the body. Often little is known about their effect.

Sucralose, for example, is a sugar substitute that is excreted again. It enters the environment through sewage treatment plants and harms animals and plants. It can damage our gut flora and raise the pH level in the gut. In the long run, this can lead to chronic inflammation, allergies and autoimmune diseases. In animal experiments, the substance even increased the risk of cancer.

Acesulfame K (E950) is deposited in the body and has been shown to damage blood vessels. It can also lead to obesity and diabetes.

Healthy through the winter with Bio Protein and Viptamin Cold

As mentioned in the introduction, high-quality protein is also an important substance for our immune system. Especially with winter coming, it makes sense to take precautions here.

Take double precautions: Order a can of organic protein today and receive it with the coupon code
a free 3-day cure of our popular Viptamin colds for free.

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Is your knowledge about cholesterol up to date?

Is your knowledge about cholesterol up to date?

The key message right at the beginning: elevated cholesterol levels alone are not a health problem. As is often the case, things are a bit more complicated in medicine. You know the following statements here. But this is dangerous half-knowledge. It’s of no use to you in practice.

“There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. And only the bad, the LDL cholesterol, can become dangerous. LDL is what you’re supposed to take statins for.”

The following figures show that the problem is relevant: 5 million Germans take statins daily. That’s an incredible 6% of the population.

Cholesterol alone is completely harmless

Contrary to popular belief that LDL cholesterol alone is a high risk factor for vascular disease, it is now known that at least one other factor is necessary.

Only whon the same time the lipoprotein (a) in the blood is elevated, there is a danger that vessels will become clogged and the risk of heart attack, arteriosclerosis, dementia, vascular occlusion of the extremities and stroke will increase. Lipoprotein (a) is a substance that enables the transport of fats in the blood. It has a very similar construction to LDL cholesterol.

Comparative values of people with high LDL cholesterol levels of about 400 were already collected in 1990.

The results show that elevated cholesterol alone could not cause vascular changes. Only when lipoprotein (a) was also elevated (by more than 30) did a risk arise for people.

Cholesterol and lipoprotein (a) also do not automatically lead to vascular calcification

In order for the complex of LDL cholesterol and lipoprotein (a) to adhere to the vessel wall, it must be attacked or cracked. This is the case when it is inflamed. If this is not the case, the complex seems to be almost harmless. Vascular inflammation can be easily prevented, for example, by providing oneself with sufficient antioxidants.

Outdated treatment of elevated cholesterol levels

Lipoprotein (a) is generally not detected during a blood test by a physician. However, standard medical practice is to treat an elevated LDL level in the blood immediately with statins alone, i.e. irrespective of the lipoprotein (a) level. Statins have been shown to lower LDL levels, but without health benefits. Statins have a devastating side effect profile. They lead to:

– muscular pains

– increasing liver enzymes

– elevated sugar levels in the blood with the risk of developing diabetes

– gastrointestinal complaints

– headaches

– Cataract

The statins can do nothing against the threat of vascular calcification due to an elevated lipoprotein(a) level. Whether with or without statins, the probability of aortic valve stenosis is increased by up to 95% at 30 mg/dl lipoprotein (a). Values above 60 mg/dl increase the risk of coronary heart disease enormously. Infarctions are three to four times more likely to occur at this level.

Focusing on just one blood value (LDL cholesterol) thus leads to a form of treatment that not only does little but also has a high side effect profile.

Against lipoprotein (a) helps little. The concentration in the blood is genetically predetermined. However, nature provides us with two effective means: Vitamin C and the amino acid lysine contribute greatly to vascular protection. Although they do not lower the lipoprotein level in the blood, they do prevent the cholesterol-lipoprotein complex from attaching to the inside of the blood vessels. [1; 2]

This is where our Viptamin Complete Forte comes in handy with its well thought-out formulation. It contains two types of vitamin C: one water-soluble and one fat-soluble (ascorbyl palmitate). This allows it to cross the blood-brain barrier. Our Forte also contains lysine, which is found in our organic rice protein.

Lysine is a building block of the collagen of the blood vessel walls. Vitamin C ensures the strength and elasticity of connective tissue fibers and protects them from damage as an antioxidant.

An effective vascular protection

Large-scale studies have long since shown that the intake of magnesium achieves exactly the same effects as those of statins: lowering of LDL cholesterol; reduction of heart attacks, strokes, angina, etc. [4]. So, why doesn’t your trusted medical professional just prescribe a magnesium then? Maybe this one doesn’t even show up in his database. Unlike medicines, vitamins, minerals and co. such as mineral magnesium cannot be patented. And if a substance can’t be patented, then you can’t make much money with it, because then you can’t set the price yourself as a company.

Practical: In addition to the above-mentioned vitamin C, magnesium is also present in high concentration in our Viptamin Komplett Forte. And that is its most bioavailable form as magnesium citrate. Just as we select only the best available form of each of the 57 ingredients.


[1] PubMed: L-Arginine and vitamin C attenuate pro-atherogenic effects of high-fat diet on biomarkers of endothelial dysfunction in rats, Dezember 2015

[2] Researchgate: Nutritional Supplement Program Halts Progression of Early Coronary Atherosclerosis Documented by Ultrafast Computed Tomography, Januar 1996

[3] PubMed: Comparison of mechanism and functional effects of magnesium and statin pharmaceuticals, Oktober 2004

[4] J Am Col Nutr 2004 Oct; 23(5):501

Viptamin Komplett Forte

Convince yourself

So if you want to do something for your health, Viptamine Complete Forte is an excellent idea from another point of view. Try it today and do something good for yourself!

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The advantages of Omega 3

The advantages of Omega 3

Omega-3 fatty acids are simply part of a balanced diet, as they play an important role in many areas of the body. Unfortunately, our body cannot produce omega-3 fatty acids itself, which is why a regular intake in the form of food or capsules is important. Because to get the perfect dose of omega 3 from food, we would have to eat at least three kilograms of fish a day.

Omega 3 not only lubricates the joints. It can do so much more:

  • Heart Health: Omega 3 does its part in a healthy heart and supports normal heart function.
  • In the area of vision, the omega-3 fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) plays a role because it is a component of the photoreceptor cells and the retina. By consuming 250 milligrams of DHA per day, you help maintain normal visual function.
  • Immune system: Omega 3 provides an important building block for our immune system, called resolvins. These are substances in the body that are responsible for fighting inflammation.
  • Brain functions: Omega 3 is important for normal brain function at all stages of life, especially assisting with metabolism. A daily intake of 250 milligrams of DHA helps maintain normal brain function. Omega 3 is therefore also considered a brain food. Memory and concentration as well as learning ability can be increased with the intake of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Pregnancy and lactation: DHA intake contributes to the normal development of the eyes and brain in the fetus and during lactation. Since a good supply of omega-3 fatty acids directly affects the baby’s DHA supply, pregnant women should consume 200 milligrams per day in addition to the recommended daily amount. Especially during the last third of pregnancy and the first months of the infant’s life, the brain, nerve tissue and eyes store a particularly large amount of DHA.
  • Sports: You can also benefit from fatty acids during sports. Omega 3 supports regeneration and muscle building and helps to break down fat. Of course, only if you do sports to support it. Just taking fish oil alone will not make you slim.

Do not underestimate the quality of fish oil

With fish oil, the quality is very important so that it can develop its full effectiveness. Unfortunately, you cannot see this from the outside of a product, so it is important to have the necessary knowledge of how to judge the product quality yourself. It should be free of harmful substances and the manufacturing process should be as natural as possible. In the process, fish oil is obtained by heating and pressing the fish. At the same time, filtration and cleaning are also carried out in this process to ensure that no pollutants are also processed.

Cheap processes work with high heat and strong pressure, which significantly reduces the quality. A particularly conscious, non-heating and gentle processing is important to guarantee a high-quality product.

Oxygen must not be allowed to enter the production process, as this would lead to oxidation and the typical fishy smell, which not only has a negative effect on the taste, but also on the effect. So read the provider’s website beforehand to see if you can find information about the quality features mentioned here.

Our Viptamin Omega 3 has been very gently produced using a complex triple molecular distillation process, is not heated and contains the highest concentration of DHA and EPA currently available per capsule.

Vergleichen Sie!

Ein Blick auf das Etikett lohnt sich. Die meisten Anbieter liefern Ihnen zwar auch Omega 3 Fischöl, aber meist ist die Konzentration des wirksamen EPA und DHA bei nur 30%. Der Rest ist deutlich weniger wirksames ALA.
Die Verbraucherzentrale schreibt dazu : Bei der Kennzeichnung der Inhaltsstoffe muss lediglich der Gesamtghalt an Omega-3-Fettsäuren angegeben werden, ohne dass zwischen ALA, EPA und DHA unterschieden werden muss.
Lassen Sie sich nicht täuschen: Die beiden wirksamsten Omega 3 Öle sind EPA und DHA. Die Konzentration von diesen beiden ist entscheidend.

Bei uns erhalten Sie 100% reines EPA und DHA pro Kapsel.

Not just any fish

Fish oil is similar to fish itself, high quality fish smells slightly of the sea without the typical fishy smell. The quality of fish oil can also be determined by the smell. If the oil smells strongly of fish, it is a low-quality oil, while high-quality fish oil smells of fresh sea.

Last but not least, a high content of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA is important. The value should be indicated on the package, because the health benefits of the oil depends on this value. Also, be sure to check the purity level and which fish were used for the oil. Smaller fish store fewer environmental pollutants due to their shorter lifespan, and if they also come from clean waters, this is of course very decisive for the quality of the fish oil. This is not stated on most products because cheap farmed salmon is used.

Composition of good omega-3 fats

The most active omega-3 fatty acids are EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). The polyunsaturated fatty acids are found in fatty cold-water fish such as herring, mackerel, salmon, sardines and tuna, as well as in special microalgae from the sea. We use small sea fish because they are naturally much less contaminated and are particularly rich in Omega 3.

The different modes of action are important for our body. EPA and DHA in particular are active in multiple ways. Both fatty acids are found in every cell membrane in our body and provide an important function in the transmission of information. They help promote blood circulation and contribute to normal heart function.

It is important to pay attention to the contained dose when buying fish oil. A daily dose should contain at least 800 mg EPA and DHA. It is very important that fish oil is taken in a certain dose. Scientifically, there is still much debate about what daily amount of fish oil is useful. Experts advise an intake of two to three grams a day. With us you take 2.1 grams of EPA and DHA.

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7 fatal mistakes around nutritional supplements – part 1

7 fatal mistakes with dietary supplements

People in Germany spend more than one billion euros a year on food supplements*. This sum alone confirms that there is a great interest in such products in our society. However, there are many misconceptions about songs: people are impatient, expect success too quickly and often only inform themselves superficially. Find out how you can do better here.

* Source: German Food Association

Impatience and wrong information are often the cause of the problem

If you ask yourself about your stance on supplements, it will almost certainly be based on the opinions of others or information from the media. Useful or a waste of money? Too expensive or practical and cheap? It helped the neighbour, now you’ve been waiting for weeks for the missing result? So it’s humbug after all!? Perhaps you recognize yourself in a statement or have a completely different, personal attitude to it. Whatever our opinion, impatience often drives us to make the wrong decisions and gets in the way of gaining perspective.

This is a widespread problem, especially with dietary supplements. We ask our doctor which ‘remedy’ finally brings improvement or we read guidebooks and eagerly write active ingredients on the shopping list. But the effect remains absent, we are disappointed. Who is to blame for this? In most cases, it is precisely this impatience. That’s why I’d like to explain the most common misconceptions about dietary supplements here. If you develop an understanding of this, well-intentioned advice or advertising promises will not succeed in misleading you in the future.

Which dietary supplement is the best ?

As uncomfortable as it may sound, anyone who asks such a question has missed the point of nutritional supplements (NEM).

Don’t despair if you feel the same way. I get a lot of similar questions from people who would like to jump on the NEM bandwagon quickly and don’t even know what to start with. However, there is no answer to this question because dietary supplements are not miracle capsules full of minerals and vitamins for everyone. Instead, they are food and must be considered a full part of our way of life and diet. They are not a means to increase concentration in the short term or to quickly supply oneself with nutrients.

Likewise, it is a fallacy to believe that one can be truly successful with one or two single preparations. The body needs more than 50 different nutrients to function optimally – and only when all the substances are present in this highly complex system can it utilise them correctly. Therefore, do not rely on the one miracle substance, but make sure to be completely supplied.

Don't be tempted by the (cheap) price

Quickly to the drugstore around the corner, because there are just fish oil capsules on sale? No, please don’t. As described above, first weigh for yourself whether your body just need this preparation. If yes: Set quality as the most important criterion for the choice of the product. Dietary supplements are meant to provide you with the most valuable raw materials from a food. Why would this be cheap? High-quality commodities cannot possibly be sold below their value. Unfortunately, the Internet is already full of cheap “vitamins” that promise us the blue of heaven. Consumer tests and clinical studies have confirmed often enough that the quality in most cases is not only lousy, but can also be harmful to health. Unfortunately, far too many consumers still fall for the advertising tricks of large manufacturers and lull themselves into a sense of security while swallowing dubious tablets. Although we actually already know the same game from our diet: Kilos of meat for little money can simply not be good. Exactly the same principle applies to dietary supplements. So don’t fall for pretty packaging and positive customer reviews when making your choice. Stay skeptical and don’t let the price be your guide.

Don't give trendy anthems a chance

It is not only the offer price that the food industry likes to throw at us as bait, but also the hype about new, trendy ingredients. For every little ache and pain, there is then THE ultimate active ingredient, which is being added to the range by more and more suppliers. However, that’s not how supplements work. Whether it’s krill oil or CBD, there isn’t THE single ingredient that just happened to be newly researched and should suddenly be taken by everyone. Again, keep in mind: Food supplements are a component of a balanced and varied diet.

If the whole world is screaming “Vitamin C!” tomorrow, it doesn’t mean that you are missing THAT in your diet. Unfortunately, the marketing of large corporations sees it differently. “Shouting a new hype into the world” is the motto there and the louder it shouts, the more people can be convinced. Suddenly, more and more of the wondrous pills and powder mixtures are surrounding us on the shelves and on the internet, and they are also being reduced. Composition and processing? The main thing is that it’s trendy! Do not give such market mechanisms a chance!

Soon we will continue with the second part

If you’d like to be notified when Part 2 is released, feel free to sign up for our newsletter!

We have even more products on offer - for all those who strive for optimum health, e.g. you can buy our high-quality ubiquinol or take a look at all the products in the range.
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Quotes on Vitamins, Supplements, Nutrition, Health

Quotes on Vitamins, Supplements, Nutrition, Health

My favorite thing to eat is always jacket potatoes.
But with a dollop of caviar and a glass of champagne.

Elizabeth Taylor

The food should please the eye first and then the stomach

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Let your food be your cure


It is not given to the healthy person to be satisfied. If this were the case, all progress would cease.

Sir Frederick Grant Banting

The hunger of people in different parts of the world stems from the fact that many of us take far too much more than we need.

Mahatma Gandhi

Peace is the health of nations.

Ernst R. Hauschka

The best cuisine comes from necessity

William Saroyan

The English invented table talk to make you forget their food.

Pierre Daninos

The discovery of a new food promotes the happiness of mankind more than the discovery of a new star.

Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Real men don’t eat honey – they chew bees.

Chuck Norris

There are not only thousands of diseases, but also thousands of health conditions.

Gerhard Kocher

There is only one pleasure greater than the pleasure of eating well: The pleasure of cooking well.

Günter Grass

A good roast is rightly counted among good deeds.

William Busch

Viptamin Komplett Forte

Do you care about a balanced diet?

Through selected foods we can ensure that we go through everyday life healthy and lively. If you want to do yourself some extra good and make sure that your body really gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs, we recommend our Viptamin Complete Forte. It contains all vitamins, minerals and trace elements and contains high quality organic protein.

Food is a most unjust thing:
Each bite stays in your mouth for no more than two minutes,
two hours in the stomach, but three months on the hips.

Christian Dior

Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy, rich and smart.

Benjamin Franklin

God, what luck! A semolina soup, a place to sleep and no physical pain – that’s a lot!

Theodor Fontane

In one half of our lives, we sacrifice health to acquire money; in the other, we sacrifice money to regain health. And during this time, health and life go from then.


Only water, grain and grass goes into our cows

Renate Künast

Anyone can do magic, anyone can achieve their goals if they can think, if they can wait, if they can fast.

Hermann Hesse

In gluttony there is a futility, a freedom…
– you don’t eat to keep yourself alive, you eat to burst at the seams
– also a way to kill yourself.

Eugène Ionesco

Eat what’s cooked. Drink what’s clear. Say what’s true.

Martin Luther

Diseases do not strike us out of the blue, but develop from daily sins against nature. When these have accumulated, they burst forth unawares.


One should offer the body something good, so that the soul has desire to dwell in it.

Winston Churchill

You have to argue with vegetarians as soon as they inherit a sausage factory.

Danny Kaye

Tomorrow is called the day when most fasting cures begin.

Gustav Knuth

After a good meal, you could forgive anyone, even your own relatives.

Oscar Wilde

Nothing speeds up recovery like regular medical bills.

Alec Guinness

Strange: even the biggest vegetarians don’t like to bite the dust.

Joachim Ringelnatz

Nothing will increase the chance of survival on earth like the move to a vegetarian diet.

Albert Einstein

Without health there is no profitable activity; but to make the preservation of health the business of one’s life is the business of idle fools and hypochondriacs.

Francis Grillparzer

Many people have forgotten how to eat. You can only swallow

Paul Bocuse

If God wanted us to eat sugar, he wouldn’t have invented dentists.

Ralph Nader

If you want to, you’ll find ways.
If you don’t want to, you’ll find reasons.


If they have no bread, let them eat cake.

Queen Marie Antoinette

If you don’t spend a little time every day on your health, one day you will have to spend a lot of time on your illness.

Sebastian Kneipp

Where there is hunger, peace cannot endure.

Willy Brandt

Health is like salt: you only notice it when it is missing


Health interest is huge, health knowledge is moderate, health behavior is abysmal.

Christian Morgenstern

If someone invented sugar today, he would certainly be forbidden to put his product on the market.

Arnold Bender

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

From England

The man who is too busy to take care of his health is like a workman who has no time to take care of his tools.

From Spain

Healing is a matter of time. Sometimes, however, it is also a question of a favourable opportunity.


Ordinary mortals have to pay for the mistakes themselves. If doctors or judges are wrong, the others pay.

George Bernard Shaw

It comes down to healing the body with the soul and the soul through the body.

Oscar Wilde

Health has a lot to do with trying things out for yourself. If something doesn’t work, try something different. And if it helps, do more of it.

Daniel Albisser-Master

Viptamin Komplett Forte

Do you care about a balanced diet?

Through selected foods we can ensure that we go through everyday life healthy and lively. If you want to do yourself some extra good and make sure that your body really gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs, we recommend our Viptamin Complete Forte. It contains all vitamins, minerals and trace elements and contains high quality organic protein.

If a healthy and balanced diet is important to you, we have a wide range of products on offer - for all those who strive for optimum health. For example, you can buy our high quality ubiquinol or view all products in the range.
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Ihr Mehr-Wert mit Viptamin Komplett Forte

Wir haben nachgerechnet: Wenn Sie alle in Viptamin Komplett Forte enthaltenen Vitalstoffe einzeln bei Amazon kaufen würden, dann müssten Sie fast doppelt so viel zahlen.
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Niacin 77 mg 0,027 €
Vitamin B6 15 mg 0,019 €
Folsäure 800 μg 0,033 €
Vitamin B12 250 μg 0,019 €
Biotin 340 μg 0,015 €
Pantothensäure 50 mg 0,015 €
Vitamin C (basisch) 800 mg 0,611 €
Vitamin D3(100% vegan) 50 μg 0,021 €
Vitamin E (100% natürlich) 134 mg 0,073 €
Vitamin K1 100 μg 0,090 €
Vitamin K2 (MK7 aus nat. Natto) 100 μg 0,027 €
Magnesium 418 mg 0,108 €
Kalzium 335 mg 0,018 €
Kalium 400 mg 0,325 €
Zink 20 mg 0,177 €
Mangan 2 mg 0,032 €
Selen 200 μg 0,087 €
Kupfer 1 mg 0,050 €
Chrom 80 μg 0,058 €
Methylsulfonylmethan (MSM) 500 mg 0,661 €
Lutein 20 mg 0,311 €
Acerola Kirschen natürlicher Extrakt 50 mg 0,012 €
Acai Beeren natürlicher Extrakt 50 mg 0,006 €
Aronia Beeren 50 mg 0,002 €
Cranberry Früchte 50 mg 0,006 €
Rote Bete biologisch 2600 mg 0,233 €
Brokkoli biologisch 500 mg 0,016 €
Kohl biologisch 500 mg 0,133 €
Kurkuma 800 mg 0,019 €
Sägepalm Extrakt 50 mg 0,014 €
Ginkgo Extrakt 50 mg 0,019 €
Grüntee Extrakt 45% ECGG 50 mg 0,011 €
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Quercetin 50 mg 0,028 €
Hesperidin 15 mg 0,020 €
Rutin 10 mg 0,004 €
OPC aus Traubenkernextrakt (95%) 50 mg 0,013 €
Resveratrol 50% 10 mg 0,014 €
Lycopin aus Tomaten 20 mg 0,432 €
Astaxanthin Komplex 3 mg 0,125 €
Tocotrienol Komplex 20 mg 0,141 €
Acidophilus, Thermophilus, Bifidus, Bulgaricus 250 mg 0,111 €
Cholin 10 mg 0,003 €
Beta Glucan 200 mg 0,089 €
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